5 new features for tablet users in Windows 8.1

Windows 8.1 was released, now even with an update. But what is eye-catching for the tablet users? Read the article

We have already covered several new features in our review of Windows 8.1, however this article specifically covers exclusive features that can benefit tablet users. Since Windows 8 is specifically designed for touch in mind by Microsoft, it works best with fully-loaded features on tablets and touch devices as compared to desktop and laptop. Covered below are 5 new and exciting features in Windows 8.1 that would certainly be enticing our tablet readers:

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1. Snap 2 or more apps side-by-side

In Windows 8.1, you can snap 2 or more apps side-by-side as per your touch device’s screen size. This gives you room to operate as many apps that you want in the background, whilst using your Windows 8.1 tablet without any hassles.

2. Better & faster Search options

In Windows 8.1, the search feature is totally integrated and works better & faster than Windows 8. You can now search on your system whilst performing the same search on Bing. The results displayed are in a very well-organized and beautiful manner. You get to know local search results plus results from Wikipedia, Windows Store and several other sites relevant to your search term.

3. Improved on-screen typing

Whenever a touch tablet or device is designed, manufactures have to keep a keen focus on typing as it is one vital element for success or failure of the device. Microsoft has done well in paying keen attention to this element of Windows 8.1. Just like when you can touch and press any key on iPhone and you get a menu of special characters, the same is true with Windows 8.1. Touch and hold any key for a long time and you would be shown with special characters associated with that key. Such feature was not present in Windows 8. Also, you now have 3 types of keyboard layout options for you to choose from.

4. Hands-free mode, similar to the Motion sensors

So, this one is really cool. In this mode, Windows 8.1 uses the camera of your device to detect your hand movement and navigate through the content of several apps. Move your hand from right to left or left to right in order to navigate, just like the Galaxy S4 feature.

5. A new app Help+Tips

This is a great feature. People found it very hard to switch from Windows 7 to Windows 8 due to cool new features that they weren’t accustomed to. Hence, several users complained about not providing any help to new users for using Windows 8. This has been fixed and taken care in Windows 8.1, by providing the app named Help+Tips in 8.1. This allows you to fix any problem by referring to the built-in problem solver.

Published: Monday, March 10th, 2014 Last Modified: March 10, 2014

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