5 Most Expensive & Rarest NES Games Ever

As Joystiq.com recently reported, the NES game called Stadium Events sold for $41000 on ebay. So, I thought I would compile a list of the 5 other most expensive & rarest Nintendo games out there. This should be very interesting for everyone who still owns a NES and some old NES games.

Rare and Expensive Nintendo NES games

Yes, aside from Stadium Events there are other NES games that are very rare and very expensive and can fetch thousands of dollars on eBay.

1. Myriad’s 6 in 1 NES cartridge

Myriad’s 6 in 1 NES cartridge (Used: $1000)

Caltron’s 6 in 1 game, released in 1992, is so rare by now that only about 100 copies are left worldwide, making it worth more than $1000. The sealed game could easily fetch thousands of dollars and maybe more than the sealed Stadium Events. The games on the cartridge are: Bookyman, Adam and Eve, Cosmos Cop, Magic Carpet 1001, Balloon Monster, Porter.

Myriad 6 in 1 Cartridge

2. Peek A Book Poker

Peek A Boo Poker (Used: $1000)

Played strip poker games on the NES in 1991? Maybe you still own a copy of Peek A Boo Poker, which you can sell for more than $1000.

Peek a book poker

3. Cheetahman II

Cheetahman II (Sealed: $1500+)

The 3rd-most expensive NES games is Cheetahman. This game can fetch sealed more than $1500 on eBay.

Cheetahman II

4. Bubble Bath Babes

Bubble Bath Babes (Sealed: $1000+)

Released in 1991, creator Panesian was responsible for one of the first popular erotic games on the NES: Bubble Bath Babes. This can easily fetch $300 and more on eBay. The sealed game could fetch more than $1000 on eBay.

Bubble Bath NES Game

5. Hot Slots

Hot Slots (Sealed $1000+)

If you have been playing this kind of NES games in 1991, you might become a rich guy if you can part with this hot game. Sealed it can easily fetch more than $1000 on the market.

Hot Slots NES games

“Broken” collector? Start here:

Secret Scout (Used: $150)

This action adventure from 1991 is a rare game that can fetch $150 and more on eBay.
Secret Scout

Aladdin Deck Enhancer

The Aladdin Deck Enhancer, developed by Codemasters (most known for Operation Flashpoint) and designed by the Oliver twins is a highly sought after item. It’s not a game, more like an accessory to run Compact Cartridges software on a NES. For $100 you can get your own copy on ebay and play all of the Aladdin Cartridge games.

Aladdin Deck Enhancer

Some of the best Aladdin games…

Cosmic Spacehead

Cosmic Spaceheads

Big Nose Freaks Out

Big Nose  Freaks Out Aladdin Cart

Dizzy The Adventurer

Dizzy the Adventurer

Published: Sunday, February 28th, 2010 Last Modified: July 17, 2011

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