5 Latest Windows 7 Movie Themes

If you are looking for some movies for the weekend, make sure to check out our 10 best movies for the weekend post

Latest Windows 7 Movie Themes

Jurassic Park is one my favorite movies (although the books are just as good). If I’d ever make a movie, it’d probably have the same topic.

Jurassic Park Windows 7 Theme

Download Jurassic Park Movie Theme

The Green Lantern is one of those superheroes that you better don’t meet with your pants down. Fun movie, fun comics – good entertainment.

The Green Lantern Windows 7 Movie Theme

Download The Green Lantern Theme

And another superhero movie. I still have to watch this one (It’s on my watchlist right now)

The Green Hornet Windows 7 Movie Theme

Download The Green Hornet Theme

Yay, another Transformers movie this year. We already have a nice theme for Windows 7 with a couple HD wallpapers of the movie:

Windows 7 Transformers 3 Theme

Download Transformer 3 Windows 7 Theme

A nice surprise, Final Destination will hit the theaters in 2011. If you like action packed horror/thriller movies, here’s the right theme for you:

Final Destination Windows 7 Theme

Download Final Destination 5 Theme (Nice Wallpapers)

You’ll find some other movie themes for Windows 7 below (Pulp Fiction, Endhiran, 300, etc.):

Published: Tuesday, March 1st, 2011 Last Modified: March 8, 2011

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