5 Crysis 3 HD Wallpapers

Crytek’s Crysis 3 is coming next year, but we have already created some very nice Crysis 3 HD wallpapers. Check this out!

Crysis 3 Hd Wallpapers

Crytek is hard at work and already released various screenshots of their upcoming shooter. If you missed the latest screens, you can view them here: Check out Crysis 3 pictures and screens

They also released information about the Hunter Edition that you might be interested in

Preview Of The Wallpapers

We created the following desktop wallpapers for you using some of the latest screenshots.

Crysis 3 Hd Wallpaper 1
Download Crysis 3 Wallpaper 1

Crysis 3 Hd Wallpaper 2
Download Crysis 3 Wallpaper 2

Crysis 3 Hd Wallpaper 3
Download Crysis 3 Wallpaper 3

Crysis 3 Hd Wallpaper 4
Download Crysis 3 Wallpaper 4

Crysis 3 Hd Wallpaper 5
Download Crysis 3 Wallpaper 5

Get the Windows 7 Theme

We have prepared a full Windows 7 theme that includes cursors, icons, Start buttons and more. This theme is 100% free if you like us on Facebook:

Crysis 3 Windows 7 Theme

Download Crysis 3 Windows 7 Theme

Also get the full package with icons, cursors and more:

Download Full Package

Filesize Version
7 MB 1.0
Windows Version Theme Supported?
Windows 7 Basic Partially (Extract It)
Windows 7 Home Tick.png
Windows 7 Home Premium Tick.png
Windows 7 Pro Tick.png
Windows 7 Ultimate Tick.png
Windows 8 (All Versions) Tick.png
Published: Friday, April 20th, 2012 Last Modified: November 9, 2012

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