5 Cool Evil Windows 7 Themes With Badass Skulls

Are you looking for some cool “evil” Windows 7 themes with badass skulls, skeletons, ghost towns and sexy pirate babes? Download 5 free custom Windows 7 themes with some evil wallpapers and black color schemes.

Evil Badass Windows 7 themes

Evil Windows 7 themes are rather rare. bigcyco1 on DA created many cool evil themes with skeletons, skulls and what not. If you are looking for a skull Start orb for Windows 7, you should also make sure to check out our list of free Windows 7 Aero themes and download the Ghost Recon theme that includes a skull orb.

Very Cool Fiery Skull Theme for Windows 7

You like fiery skulls? Then download this evil Windows 7 theme. Looks really sick with this badass wallpaper.
Dark ghost_rider_by_bigcyco1-d2wqly6 Theme
Dark aliensquare_by_lefty_1981-d32qvog Theme
Download Fiery Skull | Mirror

Badass Windows 7 Themes: Lost Souls

Another badass Windows 7 theme with some screaming skulls.
Dark lost_souls_by_bigcyco1-d31lnjx Theme
Download Badass Lost Souls | Mirror

More Badass Themes: Evil Death Theme for Windows 7

A very cool Windows 7 theme with some kick-ass skeleton wallpapers:
Dark Skulltrail_by_X3remes Theme
Download Badass Skeleton | Mirror

Evil Skulls, Sexy Pirate Babe Theme for Windows 7

You’re more a fan of the combination evil skull and hot pirate chick? Here’s another very cool evil Windows 7 theme
Dark The_Crypt_by_bigcyco1 Theme
Download Evil Skull Sexy Babe | Mirror

Evil Windows 7 Themes: Ghost Town

You are looking for some evil Windows 7 themes with some “hot” bikes? Here’s a ghost rider theme directly from hell:

Evil Windows 7 themes

Download Evil Town

Looking for more evil Windows 7 themes? Let us know and we’ll make sure to add a 2nd part with more evil ghost themes and what not.

Published: Wednesday, July 6th, 2011 Last Modified: July 6, 2011

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