5 Cons of Windows 8 And The Desktop Edition

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Windows 8 is doing a lot of things right if Microsoft is to have a presence in the tablet market. However, question marks hang over the operating system.

Will Windows 8 work on the desktop? It’s a worrying element of Windows 8

I’m excited about Windows 8, generally, though there are worries. I’m worried about how the operating system’s new Metro UI interface works on the desktop. I’m worried about app development. I’m worried about how productive the new interface is.

1. Unnecessary Size

Using large icons in a tablet environment is fine, because the experience needs to be made simple. However increasing the complexity of the input method (mouse and keyboard) means the use experience should increase in complexity. Modern UI introduces large and colorful tiles that takes up the whole of the screen when clicked, and on large monitors that seems like wasted space.

2. Reducing The Operating System’s Speed

Windows 8 is fast, and uses less resources, though the speed of the OS seems reduced when you’re using a mouse. Instead of swiping you’re scrolling, and activating the charms bar in the right-hand side becomes a rather fiddly process.

3. Form Over Function

Long-term Windows users may move over to Windows 8 and asks why the Metro desktop is going to be used, with the apps — the titles — reducing productivity. Users can still Alt + Tab, though cannot launch apps through the search bar like in the traditional start screen. If Microsoft is to convince users to switch to Metro, then productivity and presentation have to be balanced.

4. Inevitable Preference

With two versions of Windows 8 running simultaneously, there is inevitably going to be a preference for users. Enterprise users, for example, will probably want an experience similar to Windows 7/Windows XP. Metro is not that similar experience.

By extension, if users preferring the desktop side of Windows 8 constantly get bumped back to the Modern UI side then users could become disillusioned.

5. Big Bet on Modern UI

Microsoft is clearly pushing its new tile-based user interface, perhaps preceding a Modern UI-only world. For that to work developers have to be onboard, and the install base needs to be able available to legitimise development.


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Published: Tuesday, August 21st, 2012 Last Modified: August 21, 2012

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