5 Best Anime Google Chrome Themes

4200 of you voted for their Top 10 animes of all time. Here are 5 Animes theme for Google Chrome for all of you who have participated in the poll and of course everyone else.

Best Anime Google Chrome Theme

Death Note Chrome Theme

Death Note Chrome Theme
Download Chrome Death Note Theme
Download Windows 7 Death Note Theme

Naruto Theme

Naruto Chrome Theme
Download Chrome Naruto Theme
Download Windows 7 Naruto Theme

Bleach Chrome Theme

Bleach Chrome Theme
Download Chrome Bleach Theme
Download Windows 7 Bleach Theme

Dragon Ball Theme

Dragon Ball Chrome Theme
Download Chrome Dragon Ball Theme
Download Windows 7 Dragon Ball Theme

Pokemon Chrome Theme

Pokemon Chrome Theme
Download Chrome Pokemon Theme
Download Windows 7 Pokemon Theme

Feel free to post links to your own Anime themes for Google Chrome. You don’t have one? We will soon publish a tutorial how to create Google Chrome themes. Stay tuned for that!

Should you find any other cool Anime themes, post them too. You can also upload Windows 7 Anime themes to our site and win a copy of Glary Utilities at the moment. Check out our Christmas giveaway for more infos.

Published: Friday, December 10th, 2010 Last Modified: June 4, 2013

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