6 Awesome Windows 7 Themes With Sounds For Your Pimped Computer

You want some cool Windows 7 themes with sounds? The following 5 theme packages all include their own unique sound theme: Skyrim, Mission Impossible, Ferrari, Twilight …


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Best Windows 7 Themes With Sounds

1 Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol Windows 7 Theme With Sound Theme 

If you like the Mission Impossible soundtrack, grab this theme
Mission Impossible 4 Wallpaper And Themes

2 Skyrim Windows 7 Theme With Sounds

Dragonborn! A theme with Skyrim sounds
Skyrim Windows 7 Theme

3 Twilight Breaking Dawn Windows 7 Theme + Sound

Twilight fans might enjoy this one
Twilight Breaking Dawn Windows 7 Themes With Icons

4 Windows 7 Themes With 8 Need For Speed The Run Icons, Sounds

Car theme with fitting car sounds and icons
Need For Speed The Run Wallpaper 1

5 Ferrari Windows 7 Theme With Ferrari Sound Theme, Icons

And another hot car theme with sounds of hottest pimp cars
Ferrari Windows 7 Theme

6 Batman Dark Knight Rises Windows 7 Theme With Batman Sounds

BATMAN! Classic Batman still pwns
Batman Windows 7 Cursors

More Windows 7 themes with sound themes will come in 2012. Please bookmark our site for later. Thank you

Published: Friday, September 2nd, 2016 Last Modified: September 2, 2016

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