4 Very Clean Amazing Windows 7 Themes With Glass, Transparent Shell

Transparent Glass Windows 7 Themes With Amazingly Clean Shell Here are 4 of the best clean Windows 7 themes with an incredible stunning shell. If you are looking for something special, give the following visual styles a try

Keep in mind, the following are shell themes. You need some experience to install them as it requires to replace system files. Please read our extensive guides on this topic first

1. Transparent + Clean: Incredible Thema Luna

9.4 MB zip file for you to download, for windows 7 users.

Nice Thema luna Theme
Download Nice Thema luna | Mirror

2. Transparent Theme: Natural Visual Style

This theme is also very clean, transparent – a great choice for

Nice Natural VS updated Theme
Download Nice Natural VS updated | Mirror

3. Windows 7 Theme With New Start Menu, Explorerframe, Great Design: Memolotrys

While this visual style does not have a glass bar or is transparent, I find to be very special and deserves to be mentioned here. It supports both Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit and includes a completely new Start menu design and the explorer framebar is also completely remodeled.  If you like special Windows 7 themes, this is a good choice:

Nice Memolotrys Theme
Download Nice Memolotrys | Mirror

4. Very Clean Theme, Transparent Shell: Radiance

Another very simple, but very elegant shell theme that makes your Windows 7 desktop unique:

Nice Radiance Theme
Download Nice Radiance | Mirror

We’ll make sure to find more elegant desktop themes for your Windows 7 PC. Stay tuned for more shell themes and the latest updates.

Published: Wednesday, March 28th, 2012 Last Modified: March 28, 2012

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