4 PressReader Alternatives For 2013 and 2014

Tablets and smartphones are the last bastion of hope for a struggling newspaper industry. By getting news out to people via the devices they use every day, newspapers remain relevant, and can continue to deliver quality content.

Programs like PressReader allow access to many newspapers and magazines this way, replacing the traditional paper with the features of a tablet. For those who want to shop around, there are alternatives, the best of which are presented below.

1) Fluent News Reader


Fluent News Reader is an app for the iPhone that provides a compilation of different news articles from a variety of major networks. Some of the networks included in Fluent News Reader are the BBC, Bloomberg, and CNN. You will get a stream of top news and have the option to select favorites, telling the app which networks you prefer to hear from the most. You can share news articles on your social media feeds, including Twitter and Facebook. Overall, this is an excellent app for iPhone or iPad users.

2) Clipped


Clipped is a news-reading program that sorts the most important news items according to the parameters you set, and then presents them in a simple bullet point list. The bullet points can then be expanded on for additional reading. Clipped analyzes text from various sources to make sure that the summaries and articles you read are grammatically correct, and uses that as part of the algorithm to determine which news articles should be listed first. The program is designed for the iPhone and Android, but can also be used as a browser app or with the Chrome OS.

3) News360


This app is designed for mobile systems, although it does offer some compatibility with other systems as well. News360 is focused on serving not only as a news reader, but also as a way of sorting the news. By providing the parameters by which you judge your news, the reader will sift through headlines and focus on delivering content that you will want to read. The display is simple, attractive, and very easy to navigate. As a whole, this app is a good option if you want to get your news on the go without searching through a lot of uninteresting headlines.



Launched with the original iPad, this is a news subscription manager that can provide you access to all your subscribed content as well as free content available on some newspaper sites. The app is also available on Android systems. This news app focuses on providing the equivalent content of several dozen newspapers. You can choose papers from anywhere in the world, and add them to your list. Options to group papers by similar type or theme are also available.

Using these news-reading programs can greatly streamline your reading process, while keeping you as informed as ever. Consider what your normal reading habits are, and then compare those tendencies with the features of the different programs listed above. Odds are good that you will find at least one offering that meets your needs.

Published: Wednesday, November 6th, 2013 Last Modified: April 15, 2014

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