4 Awesome iTunes Rainmeter Skins On DeviantArt

Imini Itunes Skin_ll iTunes is a very cool software. With Rainmeter you can add a nice iTunes skins and add a widget to control it – all right on your desktop. Here are 4 of the best skins we found on the popular site DeviantArt

If you are new to this site, please visit rainmeter.net first and install it

The skins below all support iTunes. If you have iTunes, open it, create a playlist and play. The player will then show the current track and you can jump to the next track using this skin / widget.

1 Novella: Versatile Media Player Skin (Support iTunes, Foobar, VLC, Last.FM

Novella Rainmeter Music Player

  •  AIMP
  •  Foobar
  •  iTunes
  •  Last.fm
  •  Media Jukebox
  •  Media Monkey
  •  Media Player Classic
  •  MusicBee, Pandora
  •  River Media Center
  •  Spotify
  •  TTplayer
  •  VLC
  •  Winamp
  •  WMP
  •  Zune

1. Step Head over to http://jlynnxx.deviantart.com/ to download this iTunes skin

2. StepDownload the rmskin file – if you have successfully installed Rainmeter, this will auto-install the skin. You may have to load the skin first


2 Elegance iTunes Skin

Head over to http://lilshizzy.deviantart.com/ 

Rainmeter   Elegance 1  Itunes Skin2

3 iMini – Very Tiny, Clean iTunes Player Skin

Imini For Rainmeter __ Nowplaying.dll [V1

Head over to http://linkplay9.deviantart.com to download iMini for Rainmeter – an incredibly awesome skin: Small,simple,clean

4 ArrowPlayer: Supports iTunes, VLC, Foobar, etc


Arrow Player For Rainmeter [By Dariosuper] V1

Head over to http://linkplay9.deviantart.com/ to download this skin


Doesn’t Work? iTunes Skins Not Showing Tracks

In some cases, the Rainmeter skill will simply do nothing.

  • In that case it is important you try another player (download and install VLC)
  • Also make sure to temporarily disable your firewall
  • Last, restart iTunes and click Refresh skin when right-clicking the iTunes player skin

If you’re still having problems with iTunes Rainmeter skin, consult their forums or post a question belwo

Published: Sunday, May 19th, 2013 Last Modified: May 19, 2013

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