343 Industries Share More Details on Halo 4’s Battle Rifle

Halo 4 Battle Rifle
Looking forward to Halo 4? Here’s what the new Halo developer has to say about the weapons. Battle Rifle more akin to Halo 2’s

Latest Halo Waypoint update shares details on re-introduced Battle Rifle and thought on fan reaction

When Halo 4 was shown off to the press earlier this month, fans were very excited to see the Battle Rifle – scrapped in Halo: Reach, and introduced in Halo 2 – making a return as the primary weapon in the game (though the DMR, from Halo: Reach, hasn’t been ruled out of the game). In this week’s Halo Waypoint blog, more details on shared on the popular weapon.

The Battle Rifle in Halo 4 is a three-shot burst, like in Halo 2 and Halo 3. The Bulletin also provided some details on the fiction of the weapon: it is a “gas-operated, magazine-fed automatic rifle.” The Bulletin also confirms that the Battle Rifle will be hitscan, meaning that when fired – presuming players are aiming at the enemy – the bullets instantly hit. This is in contrasts to Halo 3, where players had to ‘lead’ with the rifle as bullets took a moment to travel and hit enemies.

The BR also features a x2 scope, and recoil. However, this does not mean bloom is returning – which was there to portray recoil, but largely failed due to its inconsistency in providing accuracy at long range – as it rises slightly “but in a suppressible way.” The Bulletin also said the rhythm feels good when firing the weapon, which is needed to make the three-shot burst seem satisfying and meaningful. The Rifle can also be used once again for firing over a long-range, meaning the scope will need to be used accurately.

New design

The design has also changed from Halo 2’s and Halo 3’s, moving away from the all-black aesthetic. The design process behind the new BR was to based it on “real-world weaponry and then add sci-fi elements.” Despite moving away from the all-black aesthetic, its largely the same in terms of shape and the key features.

The decision to include a square, while seeming unimportant, was to differentiate it from other rifles and guns that also have scopes.

As will be common throughout Halo 4, the upgraded audio across everything also has a big impact on the new Battle Rifle.

Halo 4 launches this year.

Published: Wednesday, March 21st, 2012 Last Modified: March 21, 2012

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