343 Industries Confirm Spartan Ops Takes Place Six Months After Halo 4’s Events

Spartan Ops Six Months After Halo 4_Thumb Halo 4’s Spartan Ops, an episodic campaign that fills the gap between the multiplayer and campaign, takes place six months after the events of Halo 4.

We know how long Spartan Ops would last, but not when. 343 Industries, the developers, has now revealed more information

If you’re not into competitive multiplayer, Spartan Ops is probably the innovation in Halo 4. It’s an episodic campaign, as DLC, for free, that spans 10 weeks across 50 episodes. We’d heard before that the mini-series picks up six months after the events of Halo 4, and that’s been confirmed by 343 Industries once again.

Spartan Ops leads into the campaign’s story; the UNSC Infinity ship shown crashing in the campaign demo at E3 is where missions are launched, so there’s a crossover between the two modes.

A document on ExpertZone, a source for training GameStop employees prior to releases, said there will be 50 episodes over 10 weeks – around two month – and 12 hours of content in total. Dividing 720 minutes – 12 hours – by 50 episodes averages 14.4 minutes per episode, which is in the 10-15 minute figure the developers had been mentioning.

There’s also a CG cut-scene for free, setting up the mission. Whether a potential season 2 would be free remains to be seen.

Developing Multiple Seasons

It’s admirable that 343 Industries wants to bring fresh content throughout Halo 4’s life, but it’s going to be a difficult task. That’s going to be offset by paid content, but will we really see multiple seasons? I have to think at some point development will ship towards Halo 5, considering this is the Reclaimer trilogy.

All of the multiplayer modes come under War Game, so we’ll probably just see Campaign and War Games when we boot up the game. Considering there’s effectively three modes – competitive multiplayer, Firefight and Spartan Ops – in Halo 4, unifying them under a single umbrella is a good idea.

Make sure you’ve got enough space on your hard drive, though: multiplayer in Halo 4 will require 8GB of storage for optimal performance. All we need now is a Halo 4-themed Xbox 360, and I’m ready to upgrade to a 320GB hard drive.

Halo 4 releases November 6 on Xbox 360.

Published: Thursday, July 5th, 2012 Last Modified: April 6, 2015

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