3 Great Last-Minute Christmas Gifts For Gamers And Geeks

If you’re doing some last-minute shopping for Christmas gifts, here are 3 ideas for gifts that gamers and geeks might like.

3 great Christmas gift ideas for gamers and geeks

Gamers and geeks love to customize they gaming or working environment. Everything that is programmable works well. Logitech stands for quality and is my top pick this season. You can pick up the hardware below in every good electronics store.

Gamer Keyboard With Macros

A programmable gamer keyboard with Macros. This works great for various MMO’s, can display information on a built-in LCD display and has multiple G-buttons that can be used for additional shortcuts. However, some gamers prefer a real gameboard for MMO games because they keys are easier to reach (see below.

Gaming keyboard G510 Logitech

Programmable Keyboard G510 $79

Programmable Gameboard

Gamers love this one. A programmable gameboard that is great for MMO games and certain FPS.
Logitech G13 Programmable Gameboard

Programmable Gameboard $59

Gaming Headsets

One thing that is always nice to have is a gaming headset. They’re rather cheap and can be bought in nearly all good electronics stores. Logitech make quality products, so you can’t do much wrong with it. There are a few gaming headsets with programmable buttons as well, but they’re rather expensive and often not worth the money.

Logitech gaming headset

Gaming Headset $28

Published: Saturday, December 5th, 2015 Last Modified: December 9, 2015

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