3.6% Of Windows 7 Users Are Using Internet Explorer 9

Net Applications latest report reveals: IE9’s market share is growing quickly. In comparison: Only 2.8% of Windows 7 users are using Firefox 4 by now. The Internet Explorer still has over 50% market share and is the overall market leader.

Internet Explorer 9 Usage Statistics

Web usage tracker Net Applications has issued a report saying that IE9 is now being used by 3.6 per cent of all Windows 7 users on the web. Considering the fact that according to W3Counter, over 28 per cent of their web users sample in February 2011 was using Windows 7, having successfully pushed IE9 to 3.6 per cent of that platform is quite a commendable job in a short period of time.

The Redmond software giant has been facing stiff competition recently from Mozilla, Google and Apple and IE9’s success is critical for the company to maintain its stake in the Internet usage pie. Hence, any positive growth in this direction is welcome.

Also, having pushed it to that percentage of Windows 7 users is an important milestone for the new browser’s spread because unlike its competitors, IE9 is only available for Windows Vista and Windows 7.

IE9’s main strengths lie in its support of the HTML5 standard and the presence of hardware acceleration. The HTML5 support will finally allow Internet Explorer users to use the latest HTML5 web apps and websites that are being developed. The hardware acceleration feature will ensure that the in browser graphics are processed faster, leading to a speedier surfing experience.

IE9 vs. Firefox 4

Even though IE9 has been well received by the market, it is still too early to decide on the winner of the browser battle. According to Net Applications, 2.8 per cent of Window 7 users are running Firefox 4 — IE9’s main competitor at the moment.

So it will be a while till we see a dominant majority emerging on Windows 7. And with a new version of Windows coming next year, it looks like this year will be spent in a flux between the 4 major contenders for the browser space.

Published: Saturday, April 2nd, 2011 Last Modified: April 2, 2011

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