22 Launch Games For Wii U Confirmed – Links Below

Batman Arkham City For Wii U_thumbIf you are looking for the launch titles that will be available on Wii U on day 1, look no further – this is one of the most complete lists

There’s A Game For Everyone

We ranked this list – all of the top games are at the top – all in all there are 22 launch titles and many more will be available shortly after the release!

There are some really great games on this list. Unsurprisingly all major releases this holiday season will also get a Wii U version, including Assassin’s Creed 3 and Black Ops 2

One of the best moves: Many publishers add extra content to their Wii U games. THQ for examples add 5 hours of extra content to Darksiders 2 for Wii u

Darksiders 2 Wii U Bonus Content

But, there’s a game for everyone, launch titles also include Just Dance 4, NFL 13 and Your Shape Fitnesss Evolved 2013, so if you are into sports, dancing or fitness games, there are some launch titles for you

Action fans will probably get Assassin’s Creed, Tekken or the ZombieU game.

What game on the list are you getting (should you decide to get a Wii U)=

Published: Tuesday, September 18th, 2012 Last Modified: September 22, 2012

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