2012’s Xbox 360 Dashboard Update Changes: Recent and Pin, IE10

Xbox Smartglass With Second Screen Thumb Xbox Live’s Fall 2012 dashboard is releasing today to everyone with online Xbox 360s. It brings. New features a plenty, so here are the notable inclusions.

The latest Xbox Live dashboard update reveals a dashboard focused on accessing content quickly, with just one advertisement per screen

The immediate change will be the refresh user interface. A darker, greener, approach features in this update. Tiles a also larger and emboldened; the result is content is easier to see and navigate. The color green aside, the update functions the same as 2911’s refresh.

For gamers, Recent and Pin will be welcome features. The former allows the most recent ten services used to bn shown. The latter allows a game or service to be stuck to the home screen of the dashboard. For example, we bought a resident Evil 4 HD It’s stuck to the dashboard, so launching the game requires just one button press.

Internet Explorer 10 is also a much requested feature. The browser works well with a controller, though Kinect navigation is probably better. Web pages seem to load quickly. The killer app functionality would being able to call the browser up inside a game, searching for a guide on how to defeat a boss or watch a YouTube video on said boss. Multitasking on Xbox Live isn’t that great currently. Perhaps that is a feature for the next-generation consoles.

Features we haven’t used include multi-lingual Bing Voice Search via Kinect.

Internet Explorer Sees Solid, If Slightly Cumbersome, Browsing On A Console With A Controller

Xbox Dashboard Update 2012A

The update is rolling out today for Xbox Live users. The download is free, though Microsoft will prompt you to set up security measures with plenty of virtual keyboard entry. This can be set up away from Xbox Live, though, and it would be a good idea. The advantage of using the beta dashboard is the detail-entering is done.

The dashboard seems to be increasingly moving towards Modern UI whether amicrosoft will lean completely into the Windows 8 incarnation is u known. The company is increasingly focused on building an integrated ecosystem, as evidenced by Xbox Music.
The dashboard update will be rolling out today for users connected to Xbox Live, and is compulsory to remain online. The update is free, of course.

Published: Wednesday, October 17th, 2012 Last Modified: October 17, 2012

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