2 Email Apps To Debate: Touchmail Vs Thunderbird On Windows 10

Everyone has their favorite email program on Windows 10, and many will debate which one works for them. Many prefer the web-based Outlook or Gmail way, and many prefer the built-in Outlook that Windows 10 has for them. But, many want more, and for them we show you Touchmail and Thunderbird.

Both Touchmail and Thunderbird aren’t what we would consider leaders in the email program race, but they have their fans. While many use Yahoo Mail, AOL, Gmail, or Outlook, many love third-party email programs full of rules, extensions, and options for them to use.

Touchmail Brings Touch Email To Windows 10 Fans

Touchmail App

Touchmail is an email app that is built for touch, and works great with Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, and more. It has rich 3D visualizations and lets you use gestures to keep your emails going and lead to a zero inbox. It works great on tablets and desktops.

It supports any number of email protocols, including IMAP and third party programs, but doesn’t support Exchange for now. It’s colorful take on email will make some love it, and it supports English and German. It’s all about touch and email control, and has a number of fans using it on Windows 10.

Thunderbird Brings Email Advanced Controls To Users On Windows 10

Thunderbird For Geeks & Nerds

Thunderbird on the other hand is an email program that geeks and nerds just love. It is full of extensions and third-party tools, and it gives you total and complete control of your email. It is put out by Mozilla, and remains open-sourced for third-parties to build upon.

It is described as the free email application that’s easy to setup and customize, and we completely agree. It’s fully loaded with features when you install it, and if you get lots of email, you will love it. It supports all kinds of email protocols, and has numerous support forums and sites for you to tinker with 24/7.

If you love or loathe email, either Touchmail or Thunderbird can help you out. They aren’t the norm, but some want email programs that aren’t normal, and give them control of their inbox.


Published: Wednesday, September 7th, 2016 Last Modified: September 7, 2016

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