19 Ideas For New Windows 8 Features Posted By Our Users

We’ve had some great submissions and it would be a shame to bury them, so I compiled this clean list. Feel free to add any other ideas if you feel inspired right now.

Ideas For Windows 8 Features

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The Ideas

  1. Niels Christiasaid:

    A awesome Windows feature could be and auto-update to drivers


  2.  DrPixel said:

    I think a good Windows feature would be to have a better system cleaner application. I have 1 or 2 already on my computer but one made by Microsft that works really well and comes with the system would be REALLY nice to have! ;)


  3.  Alex said:

    A cool feature would be a built in antivirus.


  4.  aon1 said:

    A good windows Feature would be that you can restore on the fly data that you deleted

  5.  Mario said:

    A good windows feature would be that if you press a hotkey, or a combo of keys, a box appears on the desktop where you can put your shortcuts. This box doesn’t crash your games or anything, just overlays it, for example, meanwhile ur playing, you can start the recording program and continue playing.

  6.  Fer said:

    An awesome feature for windows would be: if when i startup my user windows asked me if i want to run normal mode or gaming mode (gaming mode with less unnecesary process runing less eye candy interface and priority to 3d apps)


  7.  Michael said:

    A cool windows feature would be face recognition log in.


  8.  Phillip said:

    Some type of events calender feature on my task bar would be nice.


  9.  Jacob B. said:

    A great windows feature would be to have a backup sort of thing that activates if you get a virus that takes over your whole computer and takes your system back to a prior point of safety. I’ve gotten them myself and seen friends who got them, and almost every time they had to get their computers repaired by a technician who costs money. If Windows just had a feature to say, press a button, and revert your system back to a prior point, that would be amazing and save consumers money that is wasted on repairs. :)


  10.  ha14 said:

    A cool feature will be ability to manage virtual desktops, this is great if we have may applications opened.


  11.  Fran said:

    A cool Windows feature would be a MP3 gadget. I know there is the Windows Media Player but it isnt very practical.
    It would have funtions like a normal mp3 player.
    The special thing about would be a feature that would allow you to see what the other people from all over the world are listening nad maybe join them in listening to the song.

  12.  Anthony said:

    A cool feature would be to improve the HomeGroups file sharing introduced in Windows 7.


  13.  Harry “The Chosen One” Gondor said:

    I am absolutely sick and tired of the troubleshooting program that windows 7 has. This is what we need improving! We should get a troubleshooter that understands what is happening to your comp instead of the generic “I dun goofed, can’t fix so i’m a close your program” message.


  14.  Josh said:

    A great idea for anyone to have as a feature would be the ability to right click a program on the desktop and be able to uninstall it that way instead of browsing for the uninstaller or going to control panel.


  15.  Gabriel said:

    A cool feature would be a windows mode, where you could use your desktop with only the kinect for pc, all things would be made by gestures, typing could be made by voice commands and some other things to.


  16.  Darry L. said:

    The ability to have two mice cursors and keyboards controlling the computer at the same time with each its own separate inputs. You could be working on projects with another person on the same computer simultaneously. Not only that, it would be a great feature to implement into video games on the PC!


  17.  Laurie K. said:

    I would love a similar feature to OSX’s expose/spaces but better. The user will be able to switch between several customizable desktops called ‘hubs’. Each of these hubs can be themed for a specific purpose such as productivity (all your Word documents, Outlook and email), a hub for games (perhaps your game desktop icons are located here, and another hub for internet/media (a running Netflix app for example). Each hub, when you switch to it, would also change how your memory and other resources are allocated to optimize that particular hub’s purpose (media, productivity, games, etc).


  18.  Jacob said:

    Windows should have a ‘sneak-peek’ feature where you can quickly preview files (perhaps using middle-mouse button) without actually opening it. For example, if you had a Word document and wondered what it was, ‘sneak-peek’ to see its contents without spending the time to open it up. Also, you could quickly look into folders, play a short clip of a mp3 file or video, etc all without actually having to waste time opening the file up.


  19.  Adam S. said:

    Windows NEEDS to have a native screen recording capturing tool. If Windows already has one, it’s probably not all that great because we don’t hear about it. I bet if there was a native screen recording tool, we’d get really good videos of tutorials, gameplays, etc on the internet rather than using crappy freeware software that I see often on Youtube. It has to be low-profile, easily customizable, and produces high-quality recordings.


Published: Monday, April 16th, 2012 Last Modified: April 16, 2012

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