SNES Game: Nightmare Buster is announced for a 2013 release, pre-order now

Nightmare Busters_thumb.jpg 1Yes, a new SNES game is in development, and it’s called “Nightmare Busters”

It’s been 14 years – since 1998 – that the Frogger remake was released for the SNES, but Super Fighter Team have announced a new game for the console: Nightmare Busters

If may seem farcical to suggest that the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) is not dead at this point, but it isn’t. It has recently been announced that a development studio, Super Fighter Team, is to resurrect the platform 14 years after its last release.

Super Fighter Team describe Nightmare Busters as a “masterful run and gun game for the Super Nintendo … and all compatible gaming systems.” No other information is available at this point, apart from the game being planned for a 2013 release. So the wait isn’t quite over.

According to Super Fighter Team, the studio has been receiving an “unprecedented amount of requests” for a “standard pre-order process to take place.” The company had previously stopped taking pre-orders on titles to not force customers to wait. As a result of the demand, however, pre-orders can be made on the first 600 copies of the game.

Preorder Content And Game Prices

In terms of what fans who are pre-ordering get, Super Fighter Team has also outlined what’s included:

1. Step One copy of the Nightmare Busters game for the SNES, compatible with PAL and NTSC regions. Also includes an instruction manual
2. Step One full colour cardstock box to store the game and manual

Super Fighter Team have also outlined the total cost or pre-orders, and how it breaks down:

1. Step USD$60 per game and USPS Priority Shipping. Shipping is USD$8 within the U.S., and $15 everywhere else
2. Step Total cost is $68 for those in the U.S., and $75 for those outside

Super Fighter Team are based in San Diego, California and describe their primary goal as wanting to “deliver high quality, entertaining game products.” They say ‘classic gaming’ is their “passion.” The studio was formed because they believe that old platforms could be revitalized.

The company was founded in 2004; the company’s name comes from the game, Super Fighter, which Brandon Cobb – the president – obtained rights to around 2000. Shortly after, Super Fighter Team was born.

Published: Thursday, March 1st, 2012 Last Modified: March 1, 2012

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