11 Hours Remain: Republique Kickstarter Project Needs $50,000 of Funding

Republique Game Kickstarter

Will the Republique Kickstarter project reach its goal after an up-and-down campaign?

Ryan Patton left Halo to start an independent studio, but its first game hangs in the balance

Ryan Patton was working at 343 Industries and developing Halo 4, but left because the direction he wanted for the franchise was different to 343’s. Whether that’s a good or bad move on Halo 4’s part will never be known, but Paton will soon find out if it was on his: his game – Republique – is $50,000 away from reaching its funding goal.

The game is on exactly $456,575 as of writing, under $50,000 of its $500,000 goal. As of writing the game also has 11 hours left to meet its funding goal. Kickstarter projects usually have a spike towards the end of their life, but a spike of $50,000? Maybe. In fact, the funding goal for the project is quite high: with the wealth of Kickstarter projects recently people aren’t going to continue funding. That inevitably means one will fail, and it could be Republique.

Built for touch

That’d be a shame because the trailer for the game looks very promising: players guide Hope – I’m guessing a thought-through name – via a security camera. The game is built around interacting with the environment, opening up routes to use as an escape. Hope has been imprisoned for all her life, and wants to escape. Hope talks to the player through a phone, bringing a sense of tension as players can’t control Hope but directly influence her. What happens when she gets trapped on a lift and confronted, but you can’t do anything?

The game is influenced by the 1984 book, which paints a Big Brother society where everyone is being watched. Players can shut doors, turn off lights, set wire traps among other things. The game is between 4-6 hours, described as a Steal Survival game, has full voiceovers and real-time cinematics, and Metroidvania exploration and a 3D map mode. Republique is basically 3D, but looks almost isometric.

The development team developed the game for iOS, wanting to bring triple-A games to a platform that has been associated with cheap experiences. PC and Mac versions are coming, designed specifically for those platforms.

Published: Friday, May 11th, 2012 Last Modified: May 11, 2012

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