10 TV Shows For The Next Weekend: Da Vinci’s Demons, Gold Rush, Top Gear USA

Here are 10 shows you might enjoy watching. Some you will already know, but maybe there are a few new names you haven’t heard of yet.

Warning: Some of the shows are intended for mature audiences (18+), viewer discretion is advised.

1 Sci-Fi: Continuum & Caprica

Continuum Tv Show

If you like a good Sci-Fi show, you will most likely already know Battle Star Galactica. Caprica is a follow-up show that was canceled after just two seasons. The latest show they developed is called Continuum and has quite a following on Facebook and made it to season 3 already. Although some episodes are poorly executed, the plot is very nice and somewhat draws inspiration from current world developments. If the current inequality (rich-poor extremes) does not change, this is how it could play out partially.

2 Action / Crime: White Collar

White Collar

White Collar is a real nugget for fans of crime TV shows. It follows Neil, an ex con who’s a pro at forging bonds, art and stealing things. Thanks to his expertise, one FBI guy gets him out of prison to work alongside him. Bingo, there you have it, a great starting point for a great show. It’s a very refreshing show that never gets boring, mostly because the two main proteges (Matt Bomer, Tim DeKay) work so well together and Neil always brings himself into some kind of trouble and then pulls of a mission impossible every time to get away with it.

3 Horror: The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead

Ok, if you don’t like Horror, don’t stop here. This show will blow your socks off. I don’t like horror shows a lot either, but this show is absolutely brilliant. The character development is so well done, I can’t remember a single show where so many great characters come together, not a single one. Perfectly executed. Even if you’re not into Zombie shows, this show is a must for everyone who likes a good story. I felt myself reminded of playing Resident Evil 3 at times. At the beginning Jill is very isolated and does not know whether she can survive the aftermath. In The Walking Dead the characters slowly walk through the same hell and discover what things they are capable of in order to survive. Asks some very deep, even existential questions. Great plot, great characters, just awesome.

4 Reality TV: Gold Rush

Gold Rush

Reality TV shows are mostly bullshit, but Gold Rush is really something. This is a show the entire family can enjoy. I don’t know if it’s an American thing, but this show is all about endurance, not giving up, Man vs Nature, Man vs Himself and the American Dream of becoming rich by working hard. Tod Hoffman pulled it off and it’s fun watching him master seemingly insurmountable challenges. Same goes for Parker, a teenage mine boss. Incredible show, very addictive.

5 Action / History: Klondike

Klondike Tv Show

Klondike is a show about the original American Gold Rush in the Klondike. Very tough, very dramatic. Awesome show!

6 Sci-Fi / Documentary: Futurescape

Futurescape Tv Show

Escape into the future. This documentary show is really worth a glance. It talks a lot about tech that will be introduced throughout the next ten years, so if you want to be ready you better watch this.

7 Comedy: Community Season 1 + 2

Community Tv Show

Want to have a laugh? This comedy show is actually pretty popular by now, but in my opinion only the first two seasons are worth watching, after that the show really got boring. The main character Jeff was becoming too predictable and it was always the same. The first seasons were sweet although, so worth a buy.

8 Cars / Adventure: Top Gear USA


I’m not into cars at all, but watching those crazy idiots compete with each other or drive through half of Iceland is fun to watch. The show is not a rip-off of the UK version, instead it is exactly what you’d expect from an American TV show. The challenges are really tough at times and even if a lot of is scripted, the driving is real and they really get themselves into some hilarious situations. Fun stuff, worth watching. If you didn’t like season 1, season 2 and 3 are getting much better.

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9 Drama: Halt and Catch Fire – Geek’s Choice

Halt Catch Fire

The show received generally favorable reviews on imdb (8.2 at the moment). It follows the computing boom of the 80’s, so if you are fascinated by computers and don’t mind that a women is one of the lead programmers, this show might be something for you. I will definitely take a glance at it. I’ve only seen the pilot so far and it looks promising.

10 Drama: HBO’s The Leftovers – IMDB Most Popular 2014

The Leftovers

The only other show on this list that I haven’t seen yet, but this is currently featured as the most popular TV show 2014. The plot seems very familiar: 100 people in Mapleton randomly disappear and the “leftovers” have to rebuild their lives. This plot worked numerous times and if the characters are believable this will work again. Worth a glance, too.

Most Overlooked TV Show 2013: Da Vinci’s Demons By David S. Goyer

Davinci Demons

One of the shows that really stood out for me last year was Da Vinci’s Demons. The show is vaguely based on historic events, but reinvents the character and his actions. It’s a mysterious mix of drama and fantasy. Season 2 was released last month and takes the series to a whole new level. The show is still not as popular as I expected it to be, so it’s definitely the most overlooked show on TV right now. Get it now!

Know of any other great shows on TV right now? Let us know in the comments.

Published: Thursday, October 23rd, 2014 Last Modified: October 23, 2014

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