10 Top Anime Windows 7 Themes (+Naruto)

Like Anime? We, too! Here are 10 of the top Anime Windows 7 themes, including a Naruto Windows 7 theme that modifies the Windows 7 shell.

1. Hellsing Windows 7 Aero Theme

A cool Windows 7 Aero theme for all you Hellsing fans out there.
Download Hellsing | Mirror


A simple Dragon ball Z theme with Dragon Ball wallpapers and Dragon Ball Start orb.
Download DBZ | Mirror

3. Anime Shell Themes: Naruto Theme for Windows 7

Funky Naruto theme for Windows 7. Naruto on Start menu. Modified start orb, explorer bars = orange. Very cool Anime theme. Must have for Anime fans and Windows 7 users imo.

Download Naruto | Mirror

4. Top Anime Themes: Temari Theme Windows 7

Cool Temrai theme. A must have for Temari fans

Download Saetta | Mirror

5. Anime Themes With Wallpapers: Urahara Kisuke Theme for Windows 7

Urahara fans may want to download this Windows 7 theme with a Urahara Start menu, wallpapers, start orb, modified explorer bars. Top Anime theme!

Download Urahara | Mirror

6. Shikamaru Theme for Windows 7

Shikamaru theme might not be one of the most popular Anime, but the theme is very nice and can be used as a general Anime theme. Modified Start menu, explorer bars, etc.

Download Shikamaru | Mirror

7. Beautiful Anime Windows 7 Themes: Akatsuki Theme

Nice Akatsuki theme for Windows 7. Nice wallpapers. Like the other Anime themes by the same author, the Start menu is modified and the explorer bars have been modified to fit the overall look.
Download Akatsuki | Mirror

8. Anime Kankuro Theme for Windows 7

Kankuro is a supporting character in the series. This is a pretty good theme for his fans!

Kankuro Theme
Download Kankuro | Mirror

9. Son Goku Theme for Windows 7

Son Goku is probably one of the best fighters in Dragon Ball. A Windows 7 theme dedicated to him. With wallpapers, modified Start menu and more. Top Anime theme for Windows 7!

Download Goku | Mirror

10. One Piece: Luffy Theme for Windows 7

One Piece Theme for Windows 7 dedicated to the character Luffy. Again, one of the top Windows 7 Anime themes. Great work and a must have for Anime fans.

Download Luffy | Mirror

Published: Thursday, June 9th, 2011 Last Modified: June 2, 2013

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