10 Tips To Speed Up Kingdoms Of Amalur And Increase FPS Rate

Speed Up Kingdoms Of Amalur Fps Rate_thumb.jpg 1If you are trying to make Kingdoms of Amalur run on a low-end PC, here are tips how you can speed up Kingdoms of Amalur and increase the FPS if it’s too low to enjoy.

1. StepDownload GameBooster from iobit.com

Download GameBooster 3 from iobit.com and install it, this will make it really easy to disable unnecessary services while you play Kingdoms Of Amalur and then enable them again when you stop.

making skyrim run faster

On my machine it killed 19 services and 1 process. This tool can really speed up your games and increase the low FPS rates

2. Step Stop Background Programs

Check your background tray. Do you have a lot of open programs? Close them all

Shut down Tray programs

3. Step Get New Drivers That Possibly Address Glitches

Update graphic card drivers

Often AMD and big publishers like EA work together to fix graphic glitches, so make sure you have the latest

Latest NVIDIA Video Card Driver Updates for Windows 7

4. StepAdjust PC for Best Performance

If you are playing games frequently you might want to consider downloading our toggle tweak to toggle between the two options that Windows 7 provides:

Toggle Between Best Performance and best appearance

Download Toggle Tweak 

5. StepKill Windows 7 Themes Service

The themes service eats some resources and is not needed

Stop Themes Service

6. StepDisable Windows Services

Many services are not needed and consume valuable resources. Read our list of services that are safe to disable

7.Guarantee Gone? Consider Overclocking

Overclocking Software for Windows 7
If you have old hardware it MIGHT be a solution to overclock it. However only advanced users should attempt it and it is recommended to do this via your BIOS rather than via software

8. Stop In-The-Background Processes With High Disk I/O

Start the Windows 7 resource manager – your jobs is to identify processes that make your disk slow. Stop them!

Windows 7 Resource Monitor

9. StepDefrag Drives If It’s Not A SSD

Defrag your hard drive  – in many old systems the hard drive is the bottleneck. In newer systems you find SSD’s that are fast and don’t require derfragmentation, but in low-end systems you won’t find them and you still have to defrag regularly to keep your system running smoothly.

10. StepDisable V-Sync, AA, Post-Processing

Kingdoms Of Amalur has a lot of graphic options. You should make sure to disable some of them to increase your FPS. Especially AA (Anti-Aliasing) eats a lot of resources. If you don’t have a new graphic card it should be considered to disable this rendering options. Other rendering options might work better!


Post your best tips to speed up Kingdoms Of Amalur below.

Published: Friday, February 10th, 2012 Last Modified: February 10, 2012

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