10 Things You May Not Know about the Mass Effect Franchise

Mass Effect 3Mass Effect wasn’t called “Mass Effect” and multiplayer isn’t new to the series

IO9 uncovered some interesting facts about Mass Effect.

Think you know everything about Mass Effect? Read this

When you finally take a break from Shepard’s final fight attempting stopping to stop the Reapers, take a look at this list to see if you know everything about Mass Effect.

1) The game was originally called … SFX, or Science Fiction X: the development team grew attached to the name, but executive producer Casey Hudson chose “Mass Effect” because it was related to the dark energy “we use to drive a lot of the technology.”

2) Multiplayer was considered for the original Mass Effect: Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer mode has been controversial. Originally, the team were trying to figure out what Mass Effect 1 still was and didn’t want to bring the experience away from Commander Shepard.

3) One storyline was removed because it was too similar to Star Trek: Hudson said, “it was exactly like this particular race” in Star Trek.

4) The team were conscious of keeping the original Mass Effect simple: originally Mass Effect was too complex, with three twists in the game. The development team decided they only needed one twist.

5) The theme of organics vs humans shaped all story choices: Hudson described this as the “key theme” in the Mass Effect franchise. The Normandy’s AI – EDI – goes from a shackled to unshackled AI.

6) Some new characters were designed to be hated: for once, fan hostility was intended by Bioware for characters such as Jack in Mass Effect 2.

7) Seth Green improvises Joker’s dialogue: Seth Green does two takes of his lines for Jeff “Joker Moreau” – one off the script, and another of what he thinks Joker would do.

8) Hudson looks at fan art online: he’s seeing what “resonates” with fans. A key example was the Shepard-Garrus romance, which originally wasn’t going to be included.

9) Mass Effect was always planned as trilogy: as much was said when the original Mass Effect was released.

10) Mark Meer wasn’t originally going to be the voice of the male Shepard: Meer was brought in to help the team “work through the prototype process.” Bioware decided to bring in someone who was local.

Published: Thursday, March 8th, 2012 Last Modified: March 8, 2012

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