10 Really Cool Windows 7 Themes

Need some really cool Windows 7 themes to pimp your desktop? Let’s get to it and pimp your desktop. If your desktop still looks as interesting as Windows 95, we really need to put your desktop on steroids with these Windows 7 themes.

Really Cool Windows 7 Themes

1. Cur7ed Beta Visual Style

Cur7ed Beta is a revolutionary and elegant visual style for Windows Seven. It’s graphics are unique, and it feels like a new Windows. It has got a revolutionary way to rearrange the taskbar applications by centering them.

Cool Cur7ed Theme
Download Cool Cur7ed | Mirror

2. 7 carbon

A windows 7 visual style , Called 7 carbon :) Hope you like it.

Cool 7 carbon Theme
Download Cool 7 carbon | Mirror

3. Windows 7 Flash Forward

Perfect and cool theme for you to download!!

Cool Windows 7 Flash Forward Theme
Download Cool Windows 7 Flash Forward | Mirror

4. Windows 7: Modern Warfare 2

This is a Modern Warfare 2 themepack I put together for Windows 7.

Cool Modern Warfare 2 Theme
Download Cool Modern Warfare 2 | Mirror

5. Nightfall for Windows 7

New theme following the alternative theme style…

Cool Nightfall Theme
Download Cool Nightfall | Mirror

6. U-7imate Beta

Enjoy it and have fun. :)

Cool U-7imate Beta Theme
Download Cool U-7imate Beta | Mirror

7. Darkclear7::Final::

Since I’ve installed my new OS, Windows 7 Home Premium, I am really interested of many people who were making their own theme. I spent a month and work out in creating my own theme. Another from me, inspired by Windows 7 Darkclear for XP.Then try to make my own. Let me share with you.

Cool Darkclear7 Theme
Download Cool Darkclear7 | Mirror

8. iKillDesigns Suite


Cool iKillDesigns Suite Theme
Download Cool iKillDesigns Suite | Mirror

9. Aero x v2.5 for windows 7

This visual style was updated,the problem of the black screen on the logon in some computers was resolved.

Cool Aero x v2.5 Theme
Download Cool Aero x v2.5 | Mirror

10. Victorian Glass 7 VS

Hi there, this time a Win 7 VS. Tested on RTM Build 7600 (should work in final release). Hope you enjoy it!!!!

Cool Victorian Glass 7 Theme
Download Cool Victorian Glass 7 | Mirror

Published: Wednesday, June 15th, 2011 Last Modified: August 10, 2013

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