10 Official GTA 5 Screenshots

Here are 10 official screenshots of the upcoming GTA 5.

Official GTA 5 screenshots

The screenshots really transport a clear message: This game is gonna be AWESOME. With this trailer Rockstar directly responds to an emerging competitor called Saints Row The Third. The game that started as GTA clone not only has a huge following, it also looks like it could become the game of the year 2011. If Rockstar Games wanted to respond to this, they’ve done extremely well, because GTA 5 looks like it could become one of the best titles of the franchise yet:

GTA 5 screenshot 1

GTA 5 screenshot 2

GTA 5 screenshot 3

GTA 5 screenshot 4

GTA 5 screenshot 5

GTA 5 screenshot 6

GTA 5 screenshot 7

GTA 5 screenshot 8

GTA 5 screenshot 9

GTA 5 screenshot 10

Looks like GTA fans have a game they can start looking forward to. If you like a bit of crazyness you can check out Saints Row The Third until then.

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Published: Thursday, November 3rd, 2011 Last Modified: November 3, 2011

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