10 Mixed Windows 7 Themes: NHL, Anime, Sci-Fi, Cars

Top 10 Windows 7 Themes 2013_Thumb2 Looking for new Windows 7 themes for your PC for 2014? Here are 10 skins for everyone to satisfy your custom requirements. Some with NHL or Anime characters, some with Sci-Fi UI’s or Cars. Basically, something for everyone.


Before trying any of the custom themes below, make sure to get familiar with the installation process – it also wouldn’t hurt to know how to restart the explorer via the task manager and how to recover your PC using sfc.exe and the safe mode or how to launch a command prompt and how to use it to copy files. All of this will help you to install your themes more safely – feel free to ask any questions in the comments

1. TOP: Prince of Persia 4 Transparent Skin

This theme comes with a new Start Orb and has been inspired by Prince of Persia – it’s definitely one of the coolest transparent themes

Prince of persia 4 vs
Download Prince of persia 4 vs | Mirror

2. Windows 7 Themes With Sci-Fi Ui: Aqua Glass

If you like extra-ordinary skins with a little Sci-Fi atmosphere, this skin is for you.Fully remodels the shapes and adds some classic Sci-Fi UI elements. Very cool!

Windows 7 Themes Aqua Glass
Download Windows 7 Themes Aqua Glass | Mirror

3. Spirit of Anter Theme With Sci-Fi Color Scheme

This is another theme that works well with our Sci-Fi themes for example this Halo 4 Rainmeter Skin

spirit of anter
Download spirit of anter | Mirror

4. Chameleon3 – Transparent Theme

Transparent themes are pretty color when combines with new icons – this shell theme is definitely a good one:

Download Chameleon3 | Mirror

5. NHL 7 2010 win7 theme by X-ile

This NHL theme comes with a logon screen installer and 4 custom gadgets. This package is something for sports fans!

If you’re into NHL, also check out our NHL Windows 7 themes 

NHL 7 2010 win7 theme by X-ile
Download NHL 7 2010 win7 theme by X-ile | Mirror

6. Anime Themes: Purple Skin With Anime Characters

Like Anime themes

windows 7 theme ani
Download windows 7 theme ani | Mirror

7. Zig-Zag Windows 7 Theme Inspired By Merrdyn

This is another theme that includes some pretty crazy gadgets, a new Start menu, modified Explorerer. Goes well with Black Glass Enhanced

This pack includes two different Windows 7 themes: One clean and one with zigzag wallpapers

Download ibm | Mirror

8. High Res Car Wallpapers: Red Fusion for Windows 7 64-bit

A simple theme with 15 cool Car Wallpapers, logon screens, new Start Orb — works only on Windows 7 64-bit

  • * 3x Custom Gadgets
  • * 15 High Res Wallpapers
  • * 1 Logon screen

Red Fusion for Windows 7
Download Red Fusion for Windows 7 | Mirror

9. Green Glass Theme: Crazy UI

Another very cool UI with a very light green – if you like Sci-Fi themes, but can’t stand the blue that all themes use, this would be a possible theme

windows 7 theme green glass
Download windows 7 theme green glass | Mirror

10. Jump n’ Run Games: Prince of Persia T2T Visual Style

The theme works on Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit – should be used with a small taskbar and small taskbar icons

Very cool if you’re into Prince of Persia

Prince of persia T2T vs
Download Prince of persia T2T vs | Mirror

More Windows 7 themes will be available shortly, check back later this week

Published: Thursday, October 23rd, 2014 Last Modified: October 23, 2014

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