10 Guild Wars 2 Issues: Account Security, Trading Post, Disabled Mail, Overflow Regions

Guild Wars 2 Trading Post_thumb4ArenaNet’s MMORPG Guild Wars 2, despite beta weekends and stress tests, is experiencing a few issues even though the core game is relatively smooth. ArenaNet has commented on the issues and issued a problem-by-problem update on how fixes are being implemented.

Not being able to invite people to a guild or join friends in an overflow server can be a pain, though ArenaNet is doing what it can to get the issues sorted. ArenaNet went to Reddit to explain issues individually. So let’s go through them.

Account Security

The first issue is account security. Users may have seen e-mail claiming a person it attempt to reset your password. While you absolutely should not click the reset password e-mail link. ArenaNet thinks hackers are using databased of e-mail address and password stolen for other games to attack Guild Wars 2 players. Therefore the reset password feature is temporarily disabled as ArenaNet rolls out e-mail authentication. It means hackers will need to know the e-mail address and password to hack an account.

Guild Invites

Next is guild invites. They aren’t working. ArenaNet said guild invites variably work while players can not stay in the same overflow server as party maps and/or players don’t show up, though the feature seemed to briefly work sometime yesterday.

World And Overflow Regions

World and overflow regions/world are the next issue. ArenaNet wants to have a limited amount of servers so world are busy, though is introducing two German servers and one for French players due to the respective servers being full. As touched on above, overflow servers should allow players to right-click on the icon to join the overflow servers.

Trading Post Available?

The Trading Post is available to 15% of players while the developers work on widespread functionality. That explains why some see the functionality and players in-game are saying it isn’t available, causing confusion.

Mail Disabled

The remaining features are mail being disabled because the feature is seeing abuse, bots — for now — getting 72-hour bands though ArenaNet will start to issue permanent bans, while the Guild Wars 2 official forums are disabled because it is putting adding stress on the developer’s infrastructure.

A software update went live last night, though not without stopping European players from logging in. ArenaNet seems to have consistent issues after software patches are issues, despite designed to have quick turnarounds.

Published: Saturday, September 1st, 2012 Last Modified: September 1, 2012

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