10 Green Custom Windows 7 Themes

Here are 10 of the best green custom Windows 7 themes. If you want to fully customize Windows 7, make sure to check them out!

Green Custom Windows 7 Themes

1. Top Green Windows 7 Themes: Clearscreen Sharp

One of my favorite green Windows 7 themes is Clearscreen Sharp. With a new Start orb and a pretty cool transparent shell design and a new Start Menu, this will greatly alter the Windows 7 appearance.

Clearscreen Sharp
Download Clearscreen | Mirror

2. Leaf Visual Style for Windows 7 – Green Dream Themes

6 SUBTHEMES INCLUDED: top, top-small-fonts, bottom, bottom-small-fonts + an extra variation of the bottom versions: Bottom Flat (normaland small fonts)!!!!

If you like custom Windows 7 themes you will highly appreciate this theme. A cool Aero inspired theme with new caption buttons, very nice navigation buttons (forward/back) and a new taskbar make this theme worth downloading. Top!
Leaf Theme
Download Leaf | Mirror

3. Cushy 1.2 – fixed: Greenish Shell Theme for Windows 7

A nice greenish theme. The author modified the search bar and shutdown button on the Start menu. Also the caption buttons and navigations button are new. It’s the perfect theme for people who don’t want to change too much.

Cushy Theme
Download Cushy | Mirror

4. Shine 2.0 Theme for Windows 7

We definitely need more Windows 7 themes like this one. Very nice theme with some innovative ideas.

Shine Theme
Download Shine | Mirror

5. Green Windows 7 Themes: Green VS Gray TWO

The author modified the status bar of the hard drives and some of the shell elements have a nice green color. If you are looking for a theme that actually modifies some of the Explorer menus (Organize bar at the top, Computer Status bar at the bottom)

Green VS Gray Theme
Download Green VS Gray | Mirror

6. A Green Visual Style For Customizers (WIP)

This green Windows 7 theme is WIP, work in progress. A rather unconventional theme for Windows 7. Totally green! If you know how to modify shell themes yourself, you might want to use this to create something else.

Green Green Theme
Download Green Green | Mirror

7. Wishfull Dream Final – Two Windows 7 Themes In One

Two themes in one, one light theme for day to day use. And one glassed “dark” theme, intended to be used with Black Glass Enhanced. A rather special theme for Windows 7. I don’t like the bold borders for example of the thumbnail previews, but other than that a very good theme.

Wishful Dream Theme
Download Wishful Dreams | Mirror

8. Indian Windows 7 Theme: Fully Transparent

Fully transparent theme with some Indian art on the Start Menu. Background images on the start menu are usually rather annoying. It’s ok in this theme, but only if you’re into Indian art.

Indian Art Theme
Download Indian Art | Mirror

9. Windows 7 Aero Green Basic Theme: Bright Green

Oi. A small touch of cyan turns this green theme into a very bright green. If you like this color, give it a try.

Download Eminem | Mirror

10. Custom Windows 7 Themes Inspire v0.1 beta

A colorful theme for Windows 7 with Mac start orb:

Inspire Theme
Download Inspire | Mirror

We’re on the lookout for more green Windows 7 themes. If you have created a green Windows 7 theme that should be on this list, please post a comment below with a link to your DeviantArt profile.

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Published: Tuesday, May 31st, 2011 Last Modified: July 15, 2011

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