10 Cute Easter Wallpapers 2015

Easter Wallpapers 2011 After the break you will find 10 free and cute Easter wallpapers for your Windows 7 desktop. You should definitely combine them with our Windows 7 Easter theme.

Update: We have updated this post we new wallpapers for 2014/2015, enjoy!

1 Easter Flowers Wallpaper

Let’s start with my favorite Easter wallpaper, a beautiful photo of some Easter flowers with a great depth of field. Photographed with a EOS 450D + EF-S 60mm macro f/2.8. Awesome shot!
Easter Wallpaper 10
Easter Flowers Wallpaper

2 Happy Easter Wallpaper Pack

A simple wallpaper package but with some really high-quality wallpapers. Awesome work princepal!
Easter Wallpaper 1
Download Happy Easter Wallpaper Pack

3 Stupid Easter Wallpaper Pack

A rather cute Easter wallpaper with some lovely colorful drawings. If you like cute animals with a sad look, this is your new Easter wallpaper. Great work SilentReaper:
Easter Wallpaper 2
Download Stupid Easter Wallpaper

4 Easter Bunnies Wallpaper Pack

If you want some Easter bunnies on your desktop and like the Chinese drawing style, here’s a great Easter wallpaper for you by sayokyokuchan:
Easter Wallpaper 3
Download Easter Bunnies Wallpaper

5 Easter Wallpape (Paintings)

A happy easter painting for your desktop with a high resolution of 1600 x 1200 pixel. If you want some rather classical, Christian Easter wallpaper, you could pick this wallpaper by Marsille.
Easter Wallpaper 4
Download Easter Wallpaper Painting

6 Easter Chicks

Some cute Easter chicks on this wallpaper by randomcharlie:
Easter Wallpaper 5
Download Happy Easter Wallpaper Pack

7 Hatsune Miku Happy Easter Wall

Do you like Hatsune Miku? If so, here’s a cute anime Easter wallpaper for your desktop by Asukatze.
Easter Wallpaper 6
Download Hatsune Miku Happy Easter Wall

8 Easter Eggs Wallpaper

A rather traditional Easter wallpaper by Makser in HD resolution. If you like traditional Easter eggs, go with this one:
Easter Wallpaper 7
Download Easter Eggs Wallpaper

9 Easter Eggs Pokemon Wallpaper

A simplified drawing of “Easter Pokemons” by Uxiebunny who likes making seasonal Pokemon wallpapers. Cute drawing for Pokemon fans:
Easter Wallpaper 8
Download Easter Pokemon Wallpaper

10 Easter Egg Wallpaper

A great Easter egg wallpaper by sugarmines.com:
Easter Wallpaper 9
Download Easter Egg Wallpaper

Download Windows 7 Easter Theme 2013

The theme includes desktop icons, wallpapers, a Start orb and more. It’s free.

Windows 7 Easter Theme 2011

Easter Desktop Icons

Some wallpapers are not included by request, so you will have to download them separately. In fact, if you download the theme make sure to check out all of the authors above by following the links, many of them have a lot of other great deviations.

Want more? Download our old Windows 7 Easter theme by following the link below:

Published: Tuesday, March 3rd, 2015 Last Modified: March 3, 2015

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