10 Dark And Grey Visual Styles To Make Windows 7 More Appealing

Dark_elegance_2_by_gsw953onda D5tqcap_ll The following is yet another list of dark styles for Windows 7 with some simple shells, nothing too extra-ordinary

1. Dark Elegance 2

Dark Elegance 2
Download Dark Elegance 2 | Mirror

2. Dark Lion

Dark Lion
Download Dark Lion | Mirror

3. dark ultra theme win7

dark ultra theme win7
Download dark ultra theme win7 | Mirror

4. Just another Light theme-updated

Just another Light theme-updated
Download Just another Light theme-updated | Mirror

5. Kibbie Is SEXY windows 7 theme

Kibbie Is SEXY windows 7 theme
Download Kibbie Is SEXY windows 7 theme | Mirror


Download MECH II GREEN | Mirror

7. Mellow

Download Mellow | Mirror

8. Obsidian BASIC v2 for Win7

Obsidian BASIC v2 for Win7
Download Obsidian BASIC v2 for Win7 | Mirror

9. Planisphere for Windows 7

Planisphere for Windows 7
Download Planisphere for Windows 7 | Mirror

10. PongMaster Suite

PongMaster Suite
Download PongMaster Suite | Mirror

Published: Wednesday, April 17th, 2013 Last Modified: April 17, 2013

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