10 Cute Pink Windows 7 Themes

We don’t have a lot of cute Windows 7 themes on our site for female Windows 7 users, so here’s a list of 10 very cute pink shell themes. These are custom themes, so make sure to read our tutorials first: How to install custom shell themes

10 Cute Pink Windows 7 Themes

1. Pastelia: Pink Pastel Theme for Windows 7

Pastelia is a very cute Windows 7 theme with pastel colors. You like soft pastel colors, then download this shell theme:

Download Pastelia | Mirror

2. Gaian: Cute Icons for Windows 7

You want to some custom icons for Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign or Premiere? This theme includes butterflies and brown bears icons, a really cool Start orb and much more. Very cute and clean work.

Download Gaian | Mirror

3. Cute Themes: Another Pink Pastel Theme for Windows 7

Another cute Windows 7 theme with a pink/rose custom shell.

Vista Pink
Download Vista Pink | Mirror

4. Cute Pink Mecha Themes for Windows 7

Mecha Mecha. A pink Mecha theme. Very cute – especially that pink Gameboy ;)

Download Temas Nuevo | Mirror

5. Most Popular: Cute Pink Cupcake Theme for Windows 7

The cupcake theme is one of the most popular cute Windows 7 themes. Fully customizes the Windows 7 shell. If you like unconventional themes, give it a try. MORE CAKE!

Download Cupcake | Mirror

6. Kaws Theme With Pink Explorer and Start Orb

A pink Start orb and a pink explorer bar. If you like pink Windows 7 themes and cute desktop wallpaper, give it a try

Download Kaws | Mirror

7. Pink Start Orb Theme: Win -Shine 2.0

More cake! Looks like the cake isn’t a lie. Another cute theme with a cake wallpaper. Yummy!

Download Shine | Mirror

8. Transparent Mac OS X Theme for Windows 7

A Windows 7 theme inspired by Mac OS X. If you like Windows 7 Mac themes and want some cute wallpapers, this is a good choice.

Download Transparent | Mirror

9. Orange Theme: Islander Tango 7

An orange Windows 7 theme. I very much like the wallpaper and the explorer bar. Also the hover effect of the captions buttons is very nice. Cool theme!

Islander Tango
Download slander Tango | Mirror

10. Cute Windows 7 Themes: Android beta

Android is not pink, but a very cute robot. If you like Android themes for Windows 7. Here’s another custom theme

Download Android | Mirror


You know of any other cute pink Windows 7 themes? Post your favorite themes below.

Published: Sunday, July 10th, 2011 Last Modified: June 2, 2013

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