10 Custom Windows 7 Animal Themes

Are you looking for some cute Animal Windows 7 themes? Here are 10 custom themes for Windows 7 with very nice wallpapers of snakes, sharks, lions, elephants, fishes, huskeys, snow leopards, eagles, dogs, frogs and other animals. Worth a glance!

Custom Animal Themes for Windows 7

Luckily, we’re not alone on this planet – would be boring, wouldn’t it? – if you like wallpapers of Animals, you will surely like the following Windows 7 themes. Keep in mind, most of the themes below are so called custom visual styles that require you to patch some DLL files before you can install theme. We have a very extensive tutorial on this subject that explains how to install 3rd-party Windows 7 themes – make sure to read it or you might end up with a broken Windows 7 PC. Make backups!

1. White Shark Animal Theme for Windows 7 v2.0

A Windows 7 theme based on dpcdpc11’s Caesar mod. A very cool shark theme with a nice taskbar and a cool explorer bar. Also like the blue color scheme – nicely done.

Animals White Pointer Windows 7 v2.0 Theme
Download Animals White Pointer Windows 7 v2.0 | Mirror

2. White Husky Windows 7 Logon Screen Theme

You can’t resists the look of a Huskey? They are some really proud and cute animals. Download this logon screen theme for Windows 7:

Animals AMaLION Logon Theme
Download Animals AMaLION Logon | Mirror

3. Animal Themes: Snow Leopard

Yes, another Mac OS X theme For Windows 7 sp1 [32bit]. Tested on Windows 7, english and spanish. Good work!

Animals Win7 SP1 32Bit Atamain osX Theme
Download Animals Win7 SP1 32Bit Atamain osXMirror

4. King Of The Animals: Mac OS X Lion Theme for Windows 7

The king of all animals is the Lion. If you are looking for a Mac OS X theme with some cool Lion wallpapers, give it a try:

Animals Mac OS X Liger for Windows 7 Theme
Download Animals Mac OS X Liger for Windows 7 | Mirror

5. Animal Theme for Windows 7 Basic: Azure Blue

Windows 7 Basic Themes are rare. Here’s a real nice one with the Windows 7 fish! Azure blue animal theme for Windows 7:

Animals Windows 7 Basic Azure Theme
Download Animals Windows 7 Basic Azure | Mirror

6. Top Windows 7 Animal Themes: Eagle USA Theme

Feeling a little patriotic? You will love this animal/USA theme with an eagle on your Start menu and a red/blue color scheme. Obviously also includes some US flags wallpapers.  Very cool theme for patriots – includes US start orb.

Animals USA Theme
Download Animals USA | Mirror

7. Elephants And More Animals In This Windows 7 Themepack Theme

An animal themepack with new Animal wallpapers. Good choice.

Animals Tema Animais Theme
Download Animals Tema Animais | Mirror

8. Windows 7 Wallpaper Themes With Amazing Animal Wallpapers s

Another wallpaper theme that includes various Animal wallpapers for your Windows 7 desktop

Animals Calm Lands Theme
Download Animals Calm Lands | Mirror

9. Fascinating Transparent Windows 7 Snake Theme

Snakes are cool. Loving this transparent Animal theme with various wallpapers:

Animals Transparent Win7 Theme
Download Animals Transparent Win7 | Mirror

10. Custom Animal Theme for Windows 7 With Cute Dog

A bit unconventional custom Windows 7 theme with some cute dog wallpapers.

Animals Win7 x86 Vertical On Right Theme
Download Animals Win7 x86 Vertical On Right | Mirror

We’ll try to find more Windows 7 animal themes for you. What are your favorite animals? If you have a request for a specific theme, post your requests below.

You will also find many other Animal themes in our category of Animal themes for Windows 7 – including a Dog theme, Cat theme, Horse theme, Lion theme and various other Windows 7 themes. Check it out!

Published: Tuesday, August 16th, 2011 Last Modified: August 16, 2011

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