10 Coolest Movie Windows 7 Themes: Darth Vader, Lord Of The Rings, Hitman, Scarface

Movie buzz? We have some of the coolest Windows 7 themes for you to download and install! The following themes feature popular movie franchises Star Wars, Scarface and Lord of the Rings – must-download for movie geeks

Important: Read This Before Installing The Themes

Some of the following Windows 7 themes require you to change certain system files – because this can easily mess up your system we highly recommend to fully read. One of the most important tutorial on this is our guide how to repair system files and also make sure to read and understand this guide on replacing system files. Without this knowledge you might break your system – if you don’t have backups and don’t know how to recover or repair a PC, it will mean a lot of hard work for you. You’ve been warned!

1. The One Ring 7 theme

Lord of the Rings fan? Here is an incredibly cool LOTR theme for your Windows 7 desktop

The One Ring 7 theme
Download The One Ring 7 theme | Mirror

2. Fantastic Four: Windows 7 Themes Featuring Silver Surfer

Like movies based on comic books? We too! This Windows 7 theme features the Silver Surfer from the Fantastic Four franchise

silver surfer
Download silver surfer | Mirror

3. Win7 Spirit Of Anter By Robin Safuddin Best

Win7 Spirit Of Anter By Robin Safuddin Best
Download Win7 Spirit Of Anter By Robin Safuddin Best | Mirror

4. Darth Vader Windows 7 Theme

Star Wars geek? This theme features a lot of cool Darth Vader wallpapers

Win7 Darth Vader Theme
Download Win7 Darth Vader Theme | Mirror

5. Apocalypse Now

Download apocalypse | Mirror

6. Ghost Rider Movie Theme

Like movies with Nicolas Cage? Then grab this Ghost Rider theme

ghost rider
Download ghost rider | Mirror

7. Purgatory Theme

Download purgatory | Mirror

8. Wicked Red for Windows 7

wicked red for Win 7
Download wicked red for Win 7 | Mirror

9. HITMAN Windows 7 Themes

Hitman is one of the most popular stealth-shooter games and re-defined the genre when it was released. This is a theme

Download HITMAN VS | Mirror

10. Scarface Windows 7 Theme

If you like Al Pacino in Scarface, download this Windows 7 theme:

Scarface VS
Download Scarface VS | Mirror

Published: Sunday, July 21st, 2013 Last Modified: July 21, 2013

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