10 Complete Dark Windows 7 Themes

10 complete dark themes for Windows 7. If you want it dark, try these Windows 7 themes.

1. Dark Evolution

Dark clean and nice theme. Unconventional start menu, great edges (looks like a frame). One of the best dark Windows 7 themes I’ve seen lately.

Download Evolution | Mirror

2. Silver Surfer: Dark Windows 7 Movie Theme

A beautiful theme includes:Start Menu User Pic Frame,Startmenu Animation, Startorb. Based on the Fantastic Four movie, this dark theme is a must-have

Silver Surfer Theme
Download Silver Surfer | Mirror

3. Event Horizon Desaturated

This is the last in the series of Event Horizon themes A desaturated dark one

Event Horizon Theme
Download Event Horizon | Mirror

4. Acidic Blue Windows 7 Theme

A cool Dark Alien Vs Predator theme with Blue and gray with a bit of chrome thrown in.

Acidic Blue Theme
Download Acidic Blue | Mirror


This one is for the really dark people who enjoy the other side of the color spectrum.

Purgatory Theme
Download Purgatory | Mirror

6. Rolling Hard 7 Compeleted Theme

Another great Dark theme including 3 wallpapers and designed in an aero stylized fashion

Rolling Hard Theme
Download Rolling Hard | Mirror

7. Dark Luminous Windows 7 Themes

Cool dark theme with nice Icons and wallpapers. Blueish glow, very cool shell elements. Top theme!

Luminous Theme
Download Luminous | Mirror

8. HITMAN Windows 7 Theme

A black Windows 7 theme dedicated to all Hitman fans. One of the rare gaming themes for Windows 7 on DeviantArt

Hitman Theme
Download Hitman | Mirror

9. Purgatory Theme

A cool dark theme that includes custom fonts, full glass Start menu, Windows 7 Start Button Changer v 2.0,Windows Themes Installer

Purgatory Theme
Download Purgatory | Mirror

10. Evil town Theme for Windows 7

A Great eery theme that Includes 2 custom start orbs and 3 wallpapers

Evil Town Theme
Download Evil Town | Mirror

Published: Tuesday, June 7th, 2011 Last Modified: June 2, 2013

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