Top 10 Clean Windows 7 Themes: Finest Design And Caption Buttons

Clean Windows 7 Themes_ll High-quality clean themes that are simple and have a great design are rare, we found 10 Windows 7 themes that are not only very clean but also very elegant


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Installation: To install any of the Windows 7 themes, make sure to first read through our guides on installing shell themes

1. Oscuro: Clean Style With Great Caption Button And Color Schemes

Download Oscuro | Mirror

2. iFluxyII for Win7: Incredible Theme With Great Button Design

iFluxyII for Win7
Download iFluxyII for Win7 | Mirror

3. Nordstrom: Very Clean Windows 7 Theme With Transparent Shell

Download Nordstrom | Mirror

4. Gizdom Reloaded for Windows 7: Incredible Black Theme With Clean, Neat Look

Gizdom Reloaded for Windows 7
Download Gizdom Reloaded for Windows 7 | Mirror

5. Leo’s Revenge Aero: Soft Pastel Colors And Very Clean Design

Leo's Revenge Aero
Download Leo’s Revenge Aero | Mirror

6. relax Theme: Simple

Download relax | Mirror

7. Nude for 7: Theme With Awesome Caption Button Design

Nude for 7
Download Nude for 7 | Mirror

8. Uniko: Windows 7 Theme inspired by Mac

Download Uniko | Mirror

9. Drop: Clean Theme With Very Soft Color Scheme and Round-Corners Look

Download Drop | Mirror

10. Snow Leopard Windows 7 Theme Beta3 x64

Snow Leopard Theme Beta3 x64

Download Snow Leopard Theme Beta3 x64 | Mirror

Published: Monday, August 19th, 2013 Last Modified: October 8, 2014

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