10 Clean Windows 7 Themes

Some of my favorite shell themes are tidy, clean and have smooth borders. They should also have new captions buttons and preferably some cool navigation buttons. The following Windows 7 themes definitely fit some of the criteria

We’ve also included some of the most popular themes for those of you who are new to tweaking Windows 7 below

1. APPOWS2010

Download APPOWS2010 | Mirror

2. areao4.7

This is a pretty clean shell theme – I especially like the caption buttons and the modified disk status bars – overall a great Windows 7 theme for tweakers

Download areao4.7 | Mirror

3. iBaked

Lots of

4. bAero – black/cyan color scheme

An incredible theme with lots of nice details

5. Base

Download Base | Mirror

6. Nite VII

A very tidy theme with great caption buttons, navigation buttons and all the details you’d expect from a clean Windows 7 theme

Nite VII
Download Nite VII | Mirror

7. Systemkings VS for Windows 7

Another theme by neiio – wonderful design and again very clean shell

Systemkings VS for Windows 7
Download Systemkings VS for Windows 7 | Mirror

8. Gaia10: Most Popular Clean Theme

Gaia is by far one of the most popular Windows 7 themes

Download Gaia10 | Mirror

9. Gaian: Great Theme With Custom Icons And Smooth Shell

Gaian is a very colorful theme and comes with a great icon set and incredibly smooth design. Give this a try if you are still on the lookout for a clean Windows 7 theme

Download Gaian | Mirror

10. Work VII

A rather simple design – if you like to keep it simple
Work VII
Download Work VII | Mirror

Published: Sunday, July 21st, 2013 Last Modified: July 21, 2013

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