10 Classic Windows 7 Themes From DeviantArt Users

Here are 10 classic Windows 7 themes from DeviantArt users that you need to check out. Some of the best Windows 7 themes

DeviantArt Windows 7 Themes

1. PreBlack VS 1.1 for Windows 7

For those who have never tried this vs go ahead cause its amazing…

Classic PreBlack Theme
Download Classic PreBlack | Mirror

2. WS – Windows 7 VS

Visual Style for Windows 7 x 32 bit with aero. Superbar down position only. This is a fork of the Verdesh SteelFlash VS – credits of the autor.

Classic WS Theme
Download Classic WS | Mirror

3. Pical

One of the most complete visual styles for Windows 7!

Classic Pical Theme
Download Classic Pical | Mirror

4. PixiTale VS for Win7 v1.3

Finally! After A week of work on the style! I cant figure out how to do the shellstyle, if anyone would volunteer would be nice! So I tryed to make it interesting, unique so you can use it on a daily basis.

Classic PixiTale Theme
Download Classic PixiTale | Mirror

5. Static + Static Polished

Added an alternative Visual Style with new caption buttons. Added 3 new startorbs to the package. Fixed the caption font. Fixed the close button in the taskband preview.

Classic Static + Static Polished Theme
Download Classic Static + Static Polished | Mirror

6. CleanX7 Beta 1

CleanX7 is a new visual style, which has a goal to make Windows 7 look even better than it does. CleanX7 is simple, and clean. Try it out right away!

Classic CleanX7 Beta 1 Theme
Download Classic CleanX7 Beta 1 | Mirror

7. beak7

Beak 7 VS for Win 7. Download now and enjoy it!

Classic beak7 Theme
Download Classic beak7 | Mirror

8. Elegant GRAY VS – Windows 7 RC

In my opinion, it’s my completest work on a visual style, so far. Please download to see all the effects, which cannot be displayed on a screenshot.

Classic Elegant GRAY Theme
Download Classic Elegant GRAY | Mirror

9. Blue Mac for Windows 7

I’ve been looking a long way for some sort of Mac theme for Win7, some where bullshit, still processing and stuff. This one is not exactly the same, but it’s good to go. No mac wallpapers and RocketDock included.

Classic Blue Mac Theme
Download Classic Blue Mac | Mirror

10. Tribal7 – Visual Style

Tribal7 – Visual Style, your best choice.

Classic Tribal7 Theme
Download Classic Tribal7 | Mirror

Published: Tuesday, June 14th, 2011 Last Modified: June 2, 2013

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