10 Cartoon / Anime Windows 7 Themes

Here are 10 very cool carton and anime Windows 7 themes, including a Dragon Ball theme, Garfield theme, Alienware theme, Super Mario theme, Transformers theme, Temari Anime theme and many more.

10 Anime and Cartoon Windows 7 Themes

1. Soft7 1.7 for Windows 7

Updated to Windows 7 recently? Then don’t stop there. Get yourself this crisp and elegant visual style set up.

Cartoon Soft7 1.7 Theme
Download Cartoon Soft7 1.7 | Mirror

2. Windows 7 aero fixed

Windows 7 aero fixed. It has ben based on the original windows 7 aero theme.

Cartoon Windows 7 aero fixed Theme
Download Cartoon Windows 7 aero fixed | Mirror

3. Modified Aero for Windows 7

Perfect and cool theme for you to download!!

Cartoon Modified Aero Theme
Download Cartoon Modified Aero | Mirror

4. Windows Element

Windows Aero and Luna Element combination, 32 and 48-pixel icon supported and many more!

Cartoon Windows Element Theme
Download Cartoon Windows Element | Mirror

5. Ultimate Themes for Windows XP

Ultimate Visual Styles for Windows XP and Windows 7.

Cartoon Ultimate Theme
Download Cartoon Ultimate | Mirror

6. Thundera VS

For best results, use the included explorer.exe and replace the one in your Windows directory. This explorer has no Log Off/Shut Down texts. Hope you like this VS.

Cartoon Thundera Theme
Download Cartoon Thundera | Mirror

7. Alienware One …Outdated

Revamped strtmenu, transparent taskbar, new white shadow color and transparent window frame. Download it now!

Cartoon Alienware Theme
Download Cartoon Alienware | Mirror

8. Paws Visual Style

Cool paws visual style for windows xp and windows 7.

Cartoon Paws Theme
Download Cartoon Paws | Mirror

9. Temari Theme Windows 7

Temari is one of the supporting characters of the series. If you are fan, then this theme is just for you!

Cartoon Temari Theme
Download Cartoon Temari | Mirror

10. Goku Theme Windows 7

Throughout the series, Goku is a character that has more knowledge of techniques for battle. Due to being a Saiyan, his power increases when he recovers from a battle. In addition, he has superhuman strength and speed, due to their training and also for being a Saiyan.

Cartoon Goku Theme
Download Cartoon Goku | Mirror

Published: Monday, June 13th, 2011 Last Modified: June 2, 2013

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