10 Best Google Chrome Themes

If you want to customize Google Chrome, you can download plenty of themes from Google’s new web store. Here are 10 of the best Google Chrome themes!

1. Dark Chrome Theme

More than 7000 users installed this dark Chrome theme, definitely a good one! Loving the abstract dots and color gradient.
Dark Chrome Theme
Download Dark Abstract Theme

2. Ubuntu Chrome Theme

As an Ubuntu fan myself, I really like this theme a lot:
Download Ubuntu Chrome Theme

3. Space Theme

Space: The final frontier! If you’re fascinated by the infinite world that awaits us out there, here are two cool space themes for Chrome! The latter one is my favorite Chrome theme on this list, so make sure to check it out, it’s a good one!

Chrome Space Theme
Download Chrome Space Theme

Space Vision Theme
Download Space Vision Theme

4. Anime Chrome Themes: Death Note Theme

A couple Anime themes for our Anime addicts!
Death Note Chrome Theme
Naruto Chrome Theme
Bleach Chrome Theme
The 5 Best Anime Chrome Themes

5. Steam Theme

Do you like the grey minimalistic UI of Steam? If so, here’s a Steam theme for you:
Steam Chrome Theme
Download Chrome Steam Theme

6. Twilight Chrome Theme

Of course there’s also a Twilight theme for our female Chrome users:
The Twilight Saga Chrome Theme
Download Twilight Saga Chrome Theme

7. Biker Theme

All bikers may want to try this theme:
Biker Theme for Chrome
Download Biker Chrome Theme

8. Porsche Theme

Like it fast? A Porsche theme and infos about the Porsche family tree:
Google Chrome Porsche Theme
Download Porsche Chrome Theme

9. Christmas Theme

It’s Christmas soon. If you want to customize Chrome to fit the occasion, here’s a red and blue theme for you:
Blue Christmas Theme for Google Chrome
Download Chrome Christmas Theme

10. Graph Control Theme

Last, but not least, we have a very decent theme for all Chrome users, one of my favorites:
Graph Control Theme for Google Chrome
Download GraphControl Theme

Hopefully everyone will find a nice theme for Google’s Chrome browser on this list. Let us know which one you picked! We will add another Top 10 list of the best Chrome themes when the variety of themes is a bit larger. With 120 million users that shouldn’t take too long. We’ll also create some Chrome themes for you, so stay tuned for more freebies!

Published: Friday, December 10th, 2010 Last Modified: November 11, 2014

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