10 Best Free Blue Windows 7 Themes / Skins

Here are the 10 best free Windows 7 themes with a blue skin. If you like the color blue, you need to check out these themes!
Best Free Windows 7 Themes and Skins

Peaceful Blue Sea Theme for Windows 7 FREE

A very peaceful Windows 7 theme with a blue sea wallpaper. One of the best blue nature themes.
blue_gloom_vs_by_bigcyco1-d31li1e Theme
Download Free Peaceful Blue | Mirror

Free Blue Skies Windows 7 Themes

You like the blue dark skies at night? Right, here’s a very beautiful free Windows 7 theme.
blue_seven_by_lefty_1981-d3fy3dd Theme
Download Dark Blue | Mirror

Awesome Blue Space Themes for Windows 7

The final frontier. If you want to explore space on your desktop, try this free Windows 7 theme, one of the best space themes.
bluecube1_0_by_lefty_1981-d32qw42 Theme
Download Free Blue Space Themes | Mirror

Free Double Helix Windows 7 Skin

A nice blue skin with a double-helix wallpaper. If you’re into science or like to look of a double-helix, give it a try. One of the best science related themes.
Dark darknessblue_by_lefty_1981-d32qx17 Theme
Download Free Science Blue | Mirror

Free Blue CG Windows 7 Themes

If you’re into CG desktop wallpaper, try one of these CG themes. One of the best CG skins:
Digital_by_sounddevil13 Theme
Download CG Blue | Mirror

Simple Windows 7 Theme: Light Blue Windows 7 Skins

A very simple free blue theme for Windows 7 with some simple wallpapers.
Sky_vs_beta_for_Windows_7_by_oliver182 Theme
Download Simple Light Blue | Mirror

Simple Windows 7 Skins: Blue/Purple Theme

Another simple theme for Windows 7:
Soft7_by_AP_GRAPHIK Theme
Download Simple Blue Purple Skin | Mirror

Free Blue Windows 7 Car Theme

A blue car theme for Windows 7 theme featuring wallpapers by autofun. One of the best car wallpapers included:
south_side_blue_by_bigcyco1-d2xyyp0 Theme
Download Blue Free Car Theme | Mirror

Free blue Italian Windows 7 themes

Like the bluish atmosphere during evenings and you like Italy? Free Windows 7 themes with some very beautiful shots. Only the best!
true_blue_by_visualdiscernment-d3ciowz Theme
Download Free Blue Italian | Mirror

Free Blue Windows 8 Theme for Windows 7

Can’t wait for Windows 8? A blue Windows 8 theme for Windows 7:
w_7_live_theme_by_gt_rex-d3da6jp Theme
Download Blue Windows 8 | Mirror

You know of any other cool Windows 7 skins that are free? Post the best themes you know below and we’ll make you a plus member.

Published: Thursday, July 7th, 2011 Last Modified: July 7, 2011

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