10 Custom Windows 7 Aero Themes (Nature, Vista, Zen)

Do you like Aero themes? Here are 10 of the best custom Aero themes for Windows 7, including Nature themes, Vista themes and Zen themes. More after the break.
Custom Windows 7 Aero Themes

Custom Vista Aero Theme for Windows 7

Like Vista? Nice custom Aero theme based on Vista’s design. Vista users who actually used Vista and liked it, grab this theme!
Dark Aero_6519_theme_for_Windows_7_by_AngelWZR Theme
Download Vista Aero | Mirror

Custom Nature Aero Theme for Windows 7

This nature theme is based on the final Windows 7 Aero theme. Want more green on your desktop? Use this theme to fully customize it.
Dark aero_climax_by_visualdiscernment-d3gl5l0 Theme
Download Nature Aero | Mirror

Custom Aero Slide Theme for Windows 7

Minimalistic Aero theme for Windows 7. If you like custom Windows 7 themes, this is worth trying.
Dark Aero_Slide_by_AxiSan Theme
Download Aero Slide | Mirror

More Nature Aero Themes for Windows 7

Another nature-Aero theme. A good package of custom themes
Dark Aero_x_Final_for_win7_by_yacine29 Theme
Download Nature Aero | Mirror

Custom Aero Zen Theme for Windows 7

Glossy Aero theme called Zen. Very beautiful shell theme, definitely one of the best Windows 7 Aero themes
Dark Aero_Zen_by_AxiSan Theme
Download Aero Zen | Mirror

Custom AeroSG Theme for Windows 7

Cool orb, nice Start Menu. Another interesting Aero theme (beta!) Add this theme to your watchlist
Dark aerosg_1_0_beta_by_sergiogarcia9-d31azkl Theme
Download AeroSG | Mirror

Custom WoodyAero Theme for Windows 7

Basic woody Aero theme
Dark Clearscreen_Sharp_for_Windows7_by_K_Johnson Theme
Download Woody Aero | Mirror

Complete Orange Aero Theme for Windows 7

A complete custom shell with orange elements. One of the best orange Windows 7 themes. If you like the orange exclusivity, grab this one
Dark orange_7_by_lefty_1981-d3fpa13 Theme
Download Orange Aero | Mirror

More Custom Nature Aero Themes for Windows 7

Yet another custom nature theme
Dark Reaper_S7n___The_Theme_by_X3remes Theme
Download Nature Aero | Mirror

For more custom themes, check out our new category or

Innovative Aero Theme for Windows 7 With Start Orbs

I very much like the idea of this Aero theme that includes several very innovative start orbs for Windows 7. Best theme for customizers!
Dark ribbon_start_orbs_by_groove69-d2xq2e0 Theme
Download Innovative Aero | Mirror

Published: Friday, June 24th, 2011 Last Modified: June 24, 2011

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