10 Best Blue Windows 7 Themes

Is blue your favorite color? Here are 10 of the best blue Windows 7 themes! Some very elegant Windows 7 themes, too. Top!

Top 10 Best Blue Windows 7 Themes

1. APPOLON THEMES for windows 7

APPOLON THEMES are mac osx style themes for windows 7.

Blue APPOLON Theme
Download Blue APPOLON | Mirror

2. Windows 7 Inspirat

This is the Windows 7 Inspirat VS containing two shell styles, one bottom and one sideways, as shown in the screenshot.

Blue Windows 7 Inspirat Theme
Download Blue Windows 7 Inspirat | Mirror

3. Office 2010 vs RC

The visual style was tested in both x86 and x64 versions of windows 7,it worked fine.

Blue Office 2010 vs RC Theme
Download Blue Office 2010 vs RC | Mirror

4. Windows 7 Border Skin

Features: Re-Extracted from Aero.Msstyles using WSB; Perfect Emulation of Aero Theme with Glow, Blur, and Reflection; Segoe UI font 9pt for all windows, bundled with package
; ClearType enabling instructions for XP for a better aero look

Blue Windows 7 Border Skin Theme
Download Blue Windows 7 Border Skin | Mirror

5. Windows 7 Pre-Beta 6801

Unlock the task bar, right Click somewhere in the Quick launch bar (not on an icon).

Blue Windows 7 Pre-Beta 6801 Theme
Download Blue Windows 7 Pre-Beta 6801 | Mirror

6. Top Preview Pane, in windows 7

This work is unique, setting Preview Pane to Top of the explorer of windows 7, modifying the code of shell32.dll system file.

Blue Top Preview Pane Theme
Download Blue Top Preview Pane | Mirror

7. Gel XP Blue For 7

Gel XP Blue Substyle ported to windows 7.

Blue XP Blue Theme
Download Blue XP Blue | Mirror

8. Windows 7 for TT with blur

This skin is for True Transparency 1.3 or later.

Blue TT with blur Theme
Download Blue TT with blur | Mirror

9. Windows 7 Squared

Just a modification of Windows 7 VS. I made this for people who love squared-edge visual styles. A wallpaper is included. Replace your explorer.exe with the one included in the archive.

Blue Squared Theme
Download Blue Squared | Mirror

10. Day Line Beta 2

Small color change to optimize support for Firefox Metro 1.2 Beta.

Blue Day Line Beta 2 Theme
Download Blue Day Line Beta 2 | Mirror

Published: Sunday, June 12th, 2011 Last Modified: June 24, 2011

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