10 Beautiful Windows 7 Nature Themes

You like our nature? Download one of these 10 most beautiful Windows 7 themes including nature wallpapers, including plants, flowers, landscapes and other nice motives. If you want a peaceful and nice desktop, give it a try.
Most Beautiful Windows 7 Themes


Beautiful Cold Nature Theme for Windows 7

You like it cold? A frosty sunrise somewhere on our planet. Truly beautiful nature theme for Windows 7:

Dark 2010_by_Live_VS_Vienna Theme

Download Cold Nature by live-vs-vienna.deviantart.com/ Mirror

Beautiful Plants Aero Theme for Windows 7

You like flowers and plants? Another very beautiful Windows 7 Aero theme. Best Aero effects and a beautiful desktop wallpaper: What else do you want?

Dark 1305498573_satin2_7_plus_port_to_windows7_by_sagorpirbd-d2g12jb Theme
Download Most Beautiful Nature Theme by http://sagorpirbd.deviantart.com/ | Mirror

Beautiful Dark Blaque Windows 7 Theme

Dark blaque is a very beautiful theme. If you like clean Windows 7 themes, give it a try.

Dark Blaque__Final___by_caeszer Theme
Download Dark Theme Blaque by http://caeszer.deviantart.com/| Mirror

Beautiful Dark Nature Themes

A more dark nature theme with some simple yet very beautiful shots.

Dark city_theme_by_lefty_1981-d32qu9b Theme
Download Dark Nature by http://lefty-1981.deviantart.com/ | Mirror

Very Beautiful Windows 7 Themes: Color Wood

Color Wood is one of the most beautiful Windows 7 themes for your desktop. White can be so sexy!

Dark Color_WOOD_for_windows_7_by_dvkndn Theme
Download Color Wood – Beautiful Nature by http://dvkndn.deviantart.com/ | Mirror

Beautiful Dark Windows 7 Themes: Kiilki Visual Style for Windows 7

A dark Windows 7 theme with some Nature wallpapers of some unidentified flowers.

Dark Kiilki_VS_for_7_by_Nittiyh Theme
Download Dark Nature by http://nittiyh.deviantart.com/ | Mirror

Lucid Nature Theme for Windows 7

A beautiful wallpaper is included in this Windows 7 theme. If you want some really amazing desktop wallpapers, download it. Perfect

Dark Lucid_for_Win_7_by_nopd11 Theme
Download Lucid Nature by http://nopd11.deviantart.com/ | Mirror

Nature Themes for Windows 7 With Beautiful Wallpapers: My 7

My 7 is another theme that includes very beautiful Windows 7 wallpaper. Take this shot for example, totally amazing:

Dark my_7___by_itzik_gur_by_itzikgur-d30mtlw Theme
Download Beautiful Nature Theme by http://itzikgur.deviantart.com/ | Mirror

Nordstrom PowerPack: A Very Beautful Windows 7 Nature Theme

Yep, nature can be powerful. These plants look rather tough. If you want some beautiful, yet original desktop wallpaper and full Aero effects:

Dark Nordstrom_PowerPack_by_minhtrimatrix(1) Theme
Download Nordstrom PowerPack Nature by http://visualdiscernment.deviantart.com/| Mirror

Most Beautiful Windows 7 Nature Themes: Static 2.0

One of the most beautiful Windows 7 themes includes several naturalistic wallpaper:

Dark static_2_0_by_snipes2-d3ed2n3 Theme
Download Beautiful Static 2 Nature by http://snipes2.deviantart.com/| Mirror

You know of more beautiful Windows 7 themes? Post the most beautiful themes below and we’ll make you a plus member.

Published: Thursday, July 7th, 2011 Last Modified: October 8, 2014

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