10 Beautiful Plant / Nature Windows 7 Themes

10 very beautiful Windows 7 nature themes with leaves, trees and everything you ever wanted to put on your desktop. Man I love those palms!

Get 10 More Light Windows 7 Themes

1. Kuro 2010 for Windows 7

Change a lot of little things to fit better with the theme and add a substyle using a lighter gray as seen in the preview.

Plant Kuro 2010 Theme
Download Plant Kuro 2010 | Mirror

2. FlureVS::Final

FlureVS::Final is a highly elegant visual style for windows 7. Add normal hover taskband button on taskbar.

Plant Flure Theme
Download Plant Flure | Mirror

3. Classic V2 beta 2

To use the theme you need to disable Blur. Download and enjoy it right now!

Plant Classic Theme
Download Plant Classic | Mirror

4. iFluxyII for Win7

This is the next version of my iFluxy theme. Some changes have been done such shadows, taskband buttons & many moar.

Plant iFluxyII Theme
Download Plant iFluxyII | Mirror

5. Aero Seven 1.5

Update of one of the best visual styles inspired by Seven Windows until now, this update is all important because items were added super important to have a perfect VS of Seven.

Plant Aero Seven 1.5 Theme
Download Plant Aero Seven 1.5 | Mirror

6. Aero Revised for Windows 7

The taskbar now same like the explorer which is perfectly match with the theme. Hope, you guys like this from default aero to aero revised style.

Plant Aero Revised Theme
Download Plant Aero Revised | Mirror

7. Seven Breeze Port To Windows7

Fixed the start Menu now it’s more thinner like original Vista Breeze. Also, Fixed the Start ORB…….Now it’s perfect hight & position.

Plant Seven Breeze Port Theme
Download Plant Seven Breeze Port | Mirror

8. 7GoldMODv2 Style

Again Windows 7 looking style, but this one is in gold and black colors. I think it’s good combination :-P What do you think about it?

Plant 7GoldMODv2 Theme
Download Plant 7GoldMODv2 | Mirror

9. Ezlo for Windows 7

One of the best themes for windows 7. Just try it now!

Plant Ezlo Theme
Download Plant Ezlo | Mirror

10. Gaia 10 CustoPack for Windows7

Gaia 10 CustoPack for Windows 7 – Celebrate the beauty of nature !

Plant Gaia 10 CustoPack Theme
Download Plant Gaia 10 CustoPack | Mirror

Published: Sunday, June 19th, 2011 Last Modified: June 2, 2013

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