10 Awesome Movies For The Weekend (Part 2)

Are you looking for some good movies that are worth watching? If so, here are 10 awesome movies for the next weekend! If you missed part 1, here you go: Top 10 Movies for The Weekend Part 1.

10 awesome movies for the weekend


This article was originally published in 2010, but many movies on this list are timeless masterpeices and are still worth watching.

1. The Bank Job IMDB Rating 7.5

the bank job

One of the best gangster movies with Jason Statham. Great story and surprising end. Cocaine, sex and a lot of money. What else do you want?

2. 21 IMDB Rating 6.7

21 movie

Six MIT students learn how to count cards and make a killing in Vegas. With Kevin Spacey. Thrilling movie based on a real story. In Vegas you can be whoever you want to be! Or maybe not.

3. The Fugitive IMDB Rating 7.8

the fugitive

I haven’t seen all Harrison Ford movies, but this is one is one of his best I’m sure. So much expense. It’s plain and simple fun watching Tommy Lee Jones chasing Harrison Ford and see how Dr. Richard Kimble slowly finds out the truth about the murder of his wife. Timeless master-piece.

4. Push IMDB Rating 6.0

Push Movie 2009

This movie is more or less similar to the popular TV show Heroes. It follows Nick who discovers his supernatural powers. He has to team up with two other gifted girls to prevent that a hidden sub-government gets the ultimate weapon to turn all people with special abilities into mindless weapons. The story sounds trivial, but it’s quite enjoyable. Despite a 30 million budget and a stunning Camilla Belle, this movie did not get much attention and was considered a huge flop.

5. Ruiny IMDB Rating 6.0


Do you like creepy movies? Then you will like Ruiny. Oh man, the idea alone is so creepy. I really don’t want to spoil the fun, so if you like horror/action movies, this one is for you. It really gets you, because it feels so real. Watch it, you’ll see what I’m talking about.

6. The Ghostwriter IMDB Rating 7.5

The Ghost Writer

Oh boy, did I hate the end of this film (in a good way). A ghostwriter (Ewan McGregor) hired to complete the memoirs of former British prime minister (Pierce Brosnan) finds out a dirty truth. Directed by Roman Polanski, one of my favorite directors of all time.

7. The Man From Earth IMDB Rating 8.1

The Man From Earth

You will not like this movie if you don’t like movies filled with endless dialogues. Basically the whole movie is one long dialogue in the same room. Still, if you follow the movie to the very end it’s very rewarding. It’s one of the greatest low-budget movies of all time with very convincing actors and a lot of expense. Well-worth watching if you don’t want to watch mindless movies all the time.

8. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind IMDB Rating 8.5

Eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind

If you are looking for a dramatic love story with Jim Carrey, this might be the right movie for you. Hilarious and sad at the same time.

9. After.Life IMDB Rating 6.1


A young woman is being prepared for her funeral. You’ll be asking yourself only one question – Is she *really* dead or not? You’ll have to see the movie yourself to figure it out.

10. The Insider IMDB Rating 8.0

The Insider

A film with Al Pacino and Russell Crowe. Do I have to say anything else? A story about the power of media and truth.

Other Movies Worth Watching

Something about life, love and self-discovery:

  • Eyes Wide Shut
  • Solaris
  • Is Anybody There? (6.8 IMDB) With Michael Caine
  • Finding Neverland (7.9 IMDB) With Johnny Depp
  • Education
  • Big Kahuna

Action movies:

  • Reflections
  • Cloverfield
  • Unthinkable
  • Taken (how many people can you kill in 90 minutes?)

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