10 Amazing Black Windows 7 Themes

Looking for more black Windows 7 themes? Here are 10 very amazing Windows 7 themes that you need to try. Special themes for Hitman fans and

10 Amazing Black Windows 7 Themes


Amazing Black Visual Style: Black Beauty Blazers

A very stylish Windows 7 theme with a very amazing wallpaper.
Dark black_beauty_blazers_by_visualdiscernment-d3gq5e3 Theme

Black Windows 7 Theme DeviantArt

Download Black Beauty Blazers | Mirror

Dark Agility – Black Theme for Windows 7

A very amazing black/dark theme combined with orange shell elements by DjabyTown. Amazing theme, well worth downloading.
Dark Dark_Agility___Visual_Style____by_DjabyTown Theme
Download Dark Agility | Mirror

Amazing Dark V1 Windows 7 Theme for Windows 7

Dark V1 is a black/blue theme that modifies many shell elements. Good for customizers!

Dark darkv1_by_lefty_1981-d32qw0p Theme
Download Dark V1 | Mirror

Dj Dark Theme for Windows 7

Dark/red Windows 7 themes that fully customizes Windows 7. Amazing job, well done.
Dark Dj_Dark_theme_by_NOFX1994_by_nofx1994 Theme

Very amazing black Windows 7 themes
Download DJ Dark | Mirror

Event Horizon: Most Amazing Windows 7 Themes

One of the most amazing black Windows 7 themes you’ll find online is probably Event Horizon.
Dark event_horizon_desaturated_by_razorsedge16-d3cyx56 Theme
Download Dark Event Horizon | Mirror

Full Black Horizon Theme

Amazing Windows 7 theme by MrGrim:
Dark Full_Black_Horizon_Xtreme_Win7_by_MrGRiM01 Theme
Download Black Horizon| Mirror

Custom Black/Red Hitman Windows 7 Theme

You like Hitman? Here’s a custom Windows 7 theme that fully customizes your Windows 7 PC with a black/red shell and Hitman desktop wallpapers. Amazing theme, well done.

Dark hitman_vs_by_bigcyco1-d37hdrx Theme

Black Custom Hitman Windows 7 themes

Download Dark Hitman | Mirror

Dark Nautikk for Windows 7: More Amazing Black Windows 7 themes by DjabyTown

Another great black theme by DjabyTown is Dark nautiKK.
Dark nautiKK___visual_style_by_DjabyTown Theme
Download Dark Nautik | Mirror

Black Theme Called Rolling Hard 7 (Final) for Windows 7

Another amazing Windows 7 theme called Rolling Hard 7. With Lamborghini desktop wallpaper. By Bicyco1:
Dark Rolling_Hard_7_Compeleted_by_bigcyco1 Theme
Download Dark Rolling Hard | Mirror


Know of any other amazing Windows 7 themes that you want to be featured on our site? Post a link below. We’ll keep you posted with more black and other custom themes for Windows 7.


Published: Tuesday, July 5th, 2011 Last Modified: October 8, 2014

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