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Windows 7.0 (Kernel Version 6.1) is not out yet, but a beta will arrive later this year.

This is a historic post – it was the first post on this site. The site eventually grew into one of the largest Windows fansites in the world.

What can we expect of Windows 7?

  • – Performance improvements
  • – User-friendly system
  • – Automatic synchrpnization between PC’s in a network
  • – Ribbon interface
  • – Improved Paint, Wordpad
  • – Backwards-compatible to Vista
  • – Improved Network Connection Tools
  • – New Gadgets
  • – Enhanced Explorer
  • – Lightweight WMP
  • – Enhanced Taskbar
  • – Native support for Virtual Drives
  • – Improved Boot performance


The list goes on and on, but when can we expect it? When it’s done! Hopefully Microsoft will stick to their plans and not release it before it meet’s a certain quality standard.

Inspired by the M3 of Windows 7, there are already Windows 7 themes available for download. If you want to experience Windows 7 today, then give it a try. Although the theme looks very similar to Windows Vista, there are some significant changes.

Here is a  screenshot of the Windows 7 Theme:

You can download the theme here.

Stay tuned for more Windows 7 News!


Published: Thursday, October 16th, 2008 Last Modified: November 3, 2014

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