30 Awesome Windows 7 Desktop Themes

This is a compilation of the 30 most stunning Windows 7 desktop themes! This collection will quickly change the appearance desktop and give it a completely new look. If you are tired of your old desktop, you definitely have to try one of the following desktop themes! The styles are really unique.

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What Is This And Who Can Install Them?

STOP – If you don’t know the difference between themepacks and 3rd-party themes, please take a moment to read through this guide
Wait, what is this? This is a meta-compilation with links to 3rd-party hand-made themes for Windows 7. All of the themes can be downloaded for free either from DeviantArt or from our Mirror. If you like any of the themes, leave a comment on the author’s DeviantArt page! If any of the download links are broken please report the exact name of the Windows 7 theme to us, you can do that by simply adding a comment at the bottom or sending us a quick mail to [email protected] – please keep in mind that we don’t upload themes that were removed by the author intentionally


Download Free Themes:

Published: Friday, February 19th, 2010 Last Modified: March 25, 2015

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